London, Jul 8 (PTI) A small group of protesters turned out on Saturday for a protest called by pro-Khalistani groups outside the Indian High Commission in London.

The rally, which used controversial posters inciting violence with images of the Indian High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswami and Dr Shashank Vikram, Consul General of India in Birmingham, had a relatively low-key turnout.

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There was a very visible police presence throughout the protest, which wrapped sooner than expected.

“An appropriate policing plan will be in place,” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson had said ahead of the protest.

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Earlier this week, the UK government declared that any direct attacks on the High Commission of India in London are unacceptable amid the anti-India attacks and posters by Khalistani extremists emerging on social media channels.

“Any direct attacks on the Indian High Commission in London are completely unacceptable,” said Cleverly.

“We have made clear to Vikram Doraiswami and the Government of India that the safety of staff at the High Commission is paramount,” he said.

There has been a very visible Metropolitan Police security presence at India House in central London since the High Commission building was targeted by Khalistani extremists, who tried to pull down the Indian tricolour and smashed windows back in March.

Cleverly responded by saying that the British government will work with the Met Police to "review security at the Indian High Commission, and will make the changes needed to ensure the safety of its staff”.

Cleverly's latest statement this week follows Indian envoys and senior diplomats being threatened by Khalistani extremists in different parts of the world.

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