Denmark, Jul 10 (AP) Norway will donate six F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to defend itself from Russian attacks, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said Wednesday, adding that the jets will be important for Kyiv.

Ukraine has long pleaded for the sophisticated fighter to give it a combat edge against Russian firepower.

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No date was announced as to when Norway will donate the six jets, but Gahr Store said, “we aim to start the donations during 2024.”

He said Kyiv's “ability to defend itself against attacks from the air is absolutely crucial in its defensive battle against Russia.”

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Last year Gahr Store said during a trip to Kyiv that Norway would donate F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine but didn't specify how many.

After 42 years of service, the Nordic NATO member phased out its aging fleet of F-16 fighters in 2021 and is replacing them with new F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jets.

Norway is the third European country after the Netherlands and Denmark to donate F-16 planes to Ukraine.

Oil-rich Norway is one of the world's biggest donors to Ukraine. (AP)

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