Islamabad, May 8: Farah Khan, a close friend of former Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan's wife was provided security outside her residence by Punjab Police officials' soon after the PTI chief's was elected as the country's Prime Minister, even though neither Farah Khan nor her husband held a public office during that period.

The cops were posted outside her home, in the upscale Defence area of Lahore, first in September 2018, confirmed a police officer who was on duty there, on the condition of anonymity, reported Geo News. The security detail was only pulled last month, on the first of Ramadan, he added. Pakistan: 'Imran Khan Sold Toshakhana Gifts for Rs 140 Million in Dubai', Says PM Shehbaz Sharif.

The cop further told Geo. tv that the men in uniform were ordered to work in three shifts, eight hours each, to ensure the home was protected 24 hours. Four cops were deployed per shift, meaning 12 police officers and three police vehicles were dedicated to her home.

Pakistan's anti-corruption watchdog National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in April authorised an enquiry on Farah Khan, a close friend of ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan, over allegations of accumulating "illegal assets beyond known sources of income" among other charges.

Last month, NAB opened a case to probe how her assets grew exponentially during the tenure of former prime minister Imran Khan. However, Imran Khan defended Farah Khan and asked how a case of corruption can be made against her. "She was not a public office holder," the former prime minister said, "She has been working in real estate for the last 20 years."

Regarding the case, when Geo TV spoke to another cop, he also claimed that the security detail was provided to Farah Khan on the orders of Superintendent of the Police Ayesha Butt.

On reaching out to Ayesha Butt, who is now posted as the Superintendent of Police Telecommunications in Punjab, the officer denied she had any knowledge of the officers being posted outside Farah Khan's home, adding that she was surprised to see her name even mentioned in the regards to this, Geo TV reported.

"I had no link to this," she said, "I have never been posted in the branch which decides where security will be deployed." Earlier, Farah Khan left Pakistan for Dubai amid corruption allegations, while her husband is in the United States.

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