Islamabad, July 14: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested two Pakistan Customs Officers in the mega corruption scandal, according to ARY News. The two officers identified as Tariq Mahmood and Yawar Abbass, were missing from last week, rounded up while going to Islamabad.

According to the FIA officials, the arrested Pakistan Customs officers used to take money from the smugglers for clearance of their goods from checkposts, reported ARY News. India-China Talks at ASEAN: EAM S Jaishankar Discuss Border Peace, Tranquillity With Chinese Diplomat.

According to FIA officials, Rs 5.4 million, USD 2,500, and 6,100 Darhams were also recovered from their possession. PM Narendra Modi Calls To Enhance India-France Cooperation in Space-Based Maritime Domain.

The officers were receiving Rs 40 to 60 million monthly from the customs checkposts, the FIA officials said. They added that a mega corruption scandal has been registered against the customs officers at the FIA anti-corruption circle, reported ARY News.

Earlier in December, a foreign national has alleged in his complaint to the Deputy Collector Customs Airport Islamabad that a Customs official at Islamabad Airport regularly took hefty amounts in bribe money from him in return for passing the personal goods accompanying him during his visit to Islamabad, Pakistan Today reported.

Citing sources, the report said that the customs department was involved in a 'mad money making spree everywhere', which includes facilitating the smuggling of contraband goods on roads and facilitating valuation frauds and by clearing imported goods against locally fabricated invoice values on custom stations.

Earlier in 2020, police arrested two customs department workers for selling liquor seized by the department in Karachi, according to ARY News.

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