Lahore, January 29: Pakistan police have decided to send recommendations to the provincial and federal governments for banning dangerous video games including China's PUBG after a youth shot dead his mother and three siblings in the Lahore district of Punjab province.

According to a Punjab Police spokesperson, the decision to send recommendations amid the fueling rising trend of firing and violence so that the younger generation of the country could be protected from their harmful effects, The News International reported.

Citing an incident, the police said that the decision was also taken in view of a tragic incident in which a youth, a chronic player of the PUBG game, shot dead his mother and three siblings in the Kahna area. Pakistan Horror: 14-Year-Old Minor Boy Shot Dead Mother, 3 Siblings Under Influence of PUBG.

"Ali Zain shot dead his mother, two sisters, and a brother on January 19, 2022, and hid the pistol," The News International quoting police spokesperson reported.

Repeated defeats in the PUBG game increased the stress and he fired shots thinking that everyone would come back to life like in the game. The spokesperson said that investigation into all aspects of the incident was underway and the accused would be severely punished after fulfilling the requirements of law and justice.

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