Manila, June 10: In the northeastern Albay province of the Philippines, more than 6,000 residents have been compelled to evacuate rural towns within a six-kilometre (3.7-mile) radius of the crater of the Mayon Volcano, after it spewed ash and came back to life, reported Al Jazeera.

Thousands more people need to be evacuated from the area that is permanently dangerous, according to officials on Saturday, as monsoon rains that could be brought on by an incoming typhoon, pose another threat. Volcano Eruption in Hawaii Video: Kilauea Volcano Spectacularly Erupts, Says USGS.

Typhoon Guchol, which is headed towards the Philippines from the Pacific but is forecast to skirt the archipelago, is expected to bring torrential rains, which is bad news for those who live close to Mayon's slopes. Volcano Eruption in Guatemala: Authorities Evacuate Over 1,000 People as Central America’s Most Active Volcano Erupts.

People living on the perimeter of the volcano voluntarily moved to evacuation camps in Albay, which was declared in a state of disaster on Friday, to facilitate the quicker distribution of emergency funding in the event of a catastrophic eruption, according to Al Jazeera.

Authorities increased the volcano's alert level on Thursday as superheated torrents of gas, boulders and debris cascaded down its top slope. This activity beneath the surface could be a precursor to a dangerous eruption in the coming days or weeks.

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