Colombo [Sri Lanka], July 2 (ANI): Sri Lankan Custom officials along with the country's Excise department on Friday seized foreign alcohol worth Rs 60 million along with cosmetics, turmeric and cigarettes sent in several large UPBS (Unaccompanied Passenger Baggage) from Dubai, a local media reported citing the sources in the department.

According to the Sri Lankan publication, Daily Mirror, the sources in the country's Customs department said that around 10,000 bottles of one-litre whiskey brand of 'Highland Queen', a large stock of turmeric, cosmetics, rubber slippers and footwear as well as a large stock of cigarettes were recovered from the consignment and arrived in five UPBS in the country a few days back.

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The Customs sources also said that Central Cargo Examination Directorate at the Rank Container Terminal in Orugodawatta detained the consignment, the Daily Mirror reported.

The large consignment was addressed to a list of individuals residing in the country, but nobody came to claim it. On finding it suspicious, the Sri Lankan Customs Revenue Task Force (RTF) officials in-charge of the items ordered and enquiry into it.

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During the investigation, it was found that the listed consignees in the consignment were false addresses, after which the officials ordered to open the boxes, the Daily Mirror reported.

Further enquiry into the matter is underway. Following the enquiry, the items will be forfeited by the department, the Daily Mirror reported.

High-ranking officials from both Sri Lanka Customs and Sri Lanka Excise Department were present during the enquiry including Sri Lankan Revenue Task Force Director, Ruwan Jayasinghe, Deputy Director Ranjith Kumarasinghe and Excise Commissioner General M. J. Gunasiri and Excise Commissioner Kapila Kumarasinghe with others. (ANI)

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