By Ayushi Agarwal

Ajman [UAE], February 12 (ANI): Highlighting the significance of bilateral visits in maintaining the momentum of diplomatic relations, UAE Ambassador to India, Abdulnasser Jamal Alshaali, underscored the importance of cultural harmony between India and the UAE.

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The ambassador's remarks came ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the UAE.

PM Modi will be in the UAE on a two-day official visit beginning tomorrow. This will be his seventh visit to the UAE since 2015 and the third in the last eight months.

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"Such visits are very important in keeping the momentum in the relationship. This tells you how important the relationship is and making sure progress is being achieved. Cultural harmony is very important; it is a testament to acceptance, tolerance, and co-existence," Ambassador Alshaali, said in an interview with ANI, emphasising the unique and inclusive values upheld by the UAE.

Alshaali praised the cultural diversity showcased during such visits, referring to his own President's participation in Vibrant Gujarat. He reiterated the UAE's commitment to fostering acceptance of all ethnicities, setting an example for the world.

The President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January in Gandhinagar, where he also addressed the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024.

Further, Ambassador Alshaali, underscored the UAE's commitment to diversity "There is no other place like the UAE that could stand tall for its values when it comes to its values of acceptance of all ethnicities and showcasing that to the entire world."

Discussing the upcoming visit, Alshaali disclosed that several Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) would be signed, covering various sectors. While the final list is yet to be confirmed, he indicated that the discussions would follow up on previous meetings, exploring new areas of cooperation such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, and education.

"We will come out of this visit also with a longer to-do list and of things that need to be progressed," concluded Ambassador Alshaali, highlighting the ongoing efforts to enhance collaboration and deepen the multifaceted partnership between India and the UAE.

UAE Ambassador to India, Abdulnasser Jamal Alshaali praised the role of diaspora in UAE's journey in terms of economic growth and said that it has developed at a faster pace due to the special bond between PM Modi and UAE President Al Nahyan.

He also called PM Modi's visit to UAE in 2015 -- which was the first by Indian PM in 34 years -- as the "turning point" in the relationship.

Speaking to ANI, the UAE envoy said, "The first visit was the turning point in the relationship. The relationship has been there for quite some time, the diaspora has been here for quite some time and things were happening, but they were not happening at the pace that you see today. Thanks to the special bond and the special friendship between the two leaders. I was there in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and they were discussing all kinds of things."

PM Modi will be on a visit to UAE on February 13-14, during which he will inaugurate the BAPS Hindu Temple and address the Indian diaspora at the 'Ahlan Modi' event.

PM Modi will hold bilateral meetings with UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Prime Minister will also participate in the World Government Summit 2024 to be held in Dubai as a Guest of Honour and deliver a special keynote address. (ANI)

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