7 Tips To Help Maintain Mental Health During Global Travel Restrictions

Since the beginning of Global Travel Restrictions, Travel Adventure Photographer Gregg Jaden finds himself doing anything he can to stay positive while maintaining his mental, physical and spiritual stamina during the extended Global travel restrictions. Between daily meditation, eating healthy, yoga, workouts and keeping his immune system strong, Jaden keeps his sanity by staying grounded and taking things one day at a time. Jaden shares his tips on survival and plunges you into some of Earth's most incredible landscapes. To join the conversation with this commercial photographer in Los Angeles and tips on how to cope with Global Travel Restrictions, follow @greggjaden_ on Instagram or YouTube or Twitter

Jaden has amazed an impressive, well engaged following since beginning his adventures into photography 5 years ago. Shooting exclusively with Sony cameras for the last 4 years, his art displays the crisp intention of his storytelling. Even the feel to his photos makes it difficult to know the exact location. "There's never been a more important time to focus on the positive in life, as a society, during extended travel restrictions. It's a harsh reality nobody wants, but we must persevere. I stay focused on things I can control. I want all my travel photos and films to be a reminder to never give up, stay grounded and keep faith." says Jaden.

Here's 7 Tips To Stay Mentally Healthy During Extended Global Travel Restrictions

1 - Meditate Daily - They were right when they said "patience is a virtue". Practice patience. Meditate at least an hour per day. This will help you calm your nervous system and relax any busy thoughts while staying grounded. Maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

2 - Explore In Nature and Exercise - Try searching for exciting travel locations closer to home or in the surrounding areas to explore. Everyone knows that exercise is one of the biggest components to health. Exercise daily and break it up with hiking if possible. There is always some new hidden gem close by waiting to be discovered during a hike. Check with Parks and Recreation to confirm any closures/openings. For travelers this can spark a newfound excitement. Planning a trip is always exciting, so make it fun! Bring your camera for creative shots.

3 - Start a New Project - Take advantage of the extra time by working on new projects. Be creative! This is a perfect time to contact key industry professionals about project colabs. Write a blog, book or movie script. Take on some personal growth and healing. Start a YouTube channel or Podcast. Creativity is food for the soul. Most of all have fun!

4 - Take it One Day at a Time - This is my most important practice, since it is literally impossible to plan any international travel. This should help keep anxiety low and have you living more in the moment . Avoid living in the past or future. You need to be present now. 

5 - Reach Out For Support - Stay in touch with like-minded friends and family. Fun video chats. Avoid pessimists.

6 - Take Breaks from The News - Although it's tempting to keep updated, read something enlightening instead. You'll most likely hear about it later anyway.

7 - Live with Gratitude Every Day - Remind yourself It can always be worse. Any day alive is a successful day!

Jaden constantly searches for more unique locations to explore. Focusing less on office duty and more on travel adventures, gets his adrenaline pumping. "I want my travels to inspire those to keep pushing forward during these difficult times. I hope sharing my travel moments can help other photographers and travelers cope better while experiencing the same frustrations I am. It's important to remain patient and control the things we can during travel restrictions." says Jaden.

Jaden is hopeful his travel stories will help others stay passionate about exploring while we wait. "I was obsessed to explore the Largest Cave in the World, Hang Son Doong Vietnam. I miss expeditions like this which is around 80 km total over 5 days, off the grid. Carrying 60-80 lbs of gear in my backpack. We spent 3 out of the 5 days in harness for the extensive rock climbing. We trekked thought almost 50 rivers, avoided hundreds of camouflaged, deadly poisonous Green Viper Snakes and countless leeches. This place is definitely a favorite the mind-blowing visuals were worth every minute." says Jaden

Jaden kept searching for more rare finds. This brought him to Canada to explore a melting glacier lake at the top of a mountain. The only way to get to this Canadian Glacier was by helicopter. "I want my photos to mean something. Being submersed in complete silence mixed with periodic loud thunderous booms, from ice breaking underneath us, as it melts is such a rush. The melted ice created a beautiful turquoise glacier stream, perfect for a day of kayaking, photos and film." says Jaden.

When asked about his photography techniques, "I do a lot of handheld shooting. I use tripods in low light situations and for Astro. Most of my shots with a person in the shot, it's an athlete, model or myself. All of my Milky Way shots is an actual person, or myself, that held their breath to stay perfectly still for the shot. I also look for ways to light my environments to add a sense of wonder. I use Adobe Lightroom for all of my edits and like to keep it pretty basic. A lot of my camera gear and settings Il post on my Instagram to help other photographers wanting to achieve a similar effect." says Jaden.

Today, the passionately founded team at Gregg Jaden Studios use their expertise to help small and major Brands with commercial photography and engaging experiences. They are transformative commercial filmmakers generating fresh ideas for Brands. 

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