New Delhi, November 13: A car with a licence plate of "PhonePe" written on it has been spotted in California, the US, by a user on X. A keen observer and X user Satyan Gajwani has shared the snapshot of the car, saying, "Spotted on the streets of Palo Alto @_sameernigam @PhonePe. Does this make it a global brand?." Gajwani's post was directed at PhonePe's CEO, Sameer Nigam.

One user in the comments mentioned, "And I know exactly who that car belongs to." Later, the mystery behind who owns the car is resolved, when the owner himself stepped up. "It's my personal plate when I started the PhonePe US office last year. When you really believe in your company," Gaurav Lochan wrote. India Is a Key Growth Engine for Avaya Worldwide, Says CEO Alan Masarek.

Satyan Gajwani Shares Car Spotted With PhonePe License Plate:

The post has over 28,000 views. PhonePe is a digital transaction platform founded in 2015 by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer. Walmart purchased the company in 2018. PhonePe has over 49 crore (490+ Million) registered users and over 3.6 crore (36+ Million) merchants covering over 99 per cent of the postal codes across India. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Users Will Soon Be Able To ‘Save Frames’ From YouTube Videos in Original Resolution in PNG Format.

The company recently announced its entry into the stock broking business, and launched an app called 'Share.Market', allowing users to open their trading accounts and invest in stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

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