Even in this modern era where everyone has the right to education, sadly the society still wants to have a say in our ambitions. People stop believing that a middle-class boy can achieve his dreams with his unconventional thinking. It is challenging to accomplish on your own by breaking the stereotypes, and nobody knows this better than Yadwinder Singh Brar. Coming from a small village “Chota Jandwala" in Punjab, he didn’t have many resources which could have helped him to build his future. Moreover, his town’s parochial views never encouraged him to cross the boundaries set by his society. But Yadwinder’s assertiveness didn't allow him to sit and dwell about his miseries, instead, it drove him to his success.

Yadwinder started his journey in the real estate business but that wasn't a huge success. But his non--achievement gave him a life-changing experience. His failures helped him to know about his competence. He realized that there isn't a single way to approach something. His failure became his starting point to move on and explore more opportunities. That's when he started his journey as a Director of WAF Entrepreneurs. WAF Entrepreneurs provides scope for those youth who are passionate and who believe in themselves. Today, he is one of the top earner in the industry and leads a lavish life. He lives in a posh area in Chandigarh and owns an Audi. Today, everyone who looks at him feels that his life is easier but a few realize that he strived hard for it. It gets challenging to be a person with a typical thinking, to be in a society where you are judged for every step you take. Yadwinder didn't pay heed to the people around him and kept doing what he felt right.

Today he is a renowned Entrepreneur and he believes in galvanizing the youth to do something on their own. Yadwinder sees potential in the youth of our country and he wants them to give an experience that will help the youth to nourish their knowledge and provide skills on an online platform. He along with WAF Entrepreneurs has changed thousands of lives of youngsters. He believes in learning new things and doing something out of the box. Indeed, success doesn't come on a silver platter but opportunities do. You just have to recognize it and seize the day. Yadwinder aims to drive youth towards their goals and we are positive that his dream is becoming a reality and will continue.