It is all about the passion that makes you a successful person in life. Gem Jewelers Co. is also the result of endless efforts and passion. The owner of the company was born and raised in Canada who had a flair in creating beautiful jewelry designs. Learning from his grandfather who was a famous jeweler in Canada, the man behind the company, fell in love with the idea of jewelry designing.  After selling jewelry for many years in store and various online platforms. He decided it would be best to move to Los Angeles and open up shop in the Downtown Jewelry District.

Having an office in The International Jewelry Center, helped him grow the business and develop relationships with so many essential people that were part of his trade. He found a niche and a void in the jewelry industry which was designing customized and personalized pieces for a fraction of the cost most jewelers would charge. It made him very happy to have clients that left with a jewelry piece they will always cherish and would be able to pass on to their children.

Their Specialty:

Their specialty is making custom made gold and diamond jewelry at the same price one would purchase pre-made jewelry in stores. They have a very unique process of creating their custom pieces which makes them stand out from the rest and keeps their clientele exclusive across America. In addition, Gem Jewelers Co. offers a huge selection of pre-made jewelry keeping up with the latest fashion trends which are always available for direct purchase on their website.

The Quality:

Through their relationships and footing in the jewelry business, Gem Jewelers Co. Is able to provide diamond, gold jewelry at a significantly lower cost than most of their competitors. That doesn’t mean they compromise on quality, the opposite is true. They go above and beyond to make sure all their jewelry is precisely made and they use the highest quality of gold and diamonds available in the industry. Gem Jewelers Co. has an extensive and thorough quality control in which each piece undergoes and is inspected before it is shipped.

Safe Practice:

All the jewelry is designed and manufactured in safe environments for their employees and contractors. In their effort to help the American Job Crisis, Gem Jewelers Co. Manufactures and designs all of its jewelry in the USA.

The sourcing for all their diamonds and gold is 100% ethical and in standards with the Clean Diamond Trade Act, therefore they do not source or mine illegal diamonds AKA (Blood Diamonds). They do not sell lab-made diamonds nor are they affiliated with any companies which do offer those diamonds.

The Mission:

For many Centuries Gold and Diamonds and many other precious gems have been a traditional way to pass along wealth and legacies. At Gem Jewelers Co. The jewelry is designed with their customer’s best interest in mind, they want them to enjoy the jewelry and to have a beautiful piece that will be passed on for generations to come.                    Customer dedication is their main goal and priority when creating these masterpieces. They want all customers to feel part of their family and get exclusive and personal service to ensure all their requirements are met. The strict quality control is set to make sure all pieces are delivered in the most exquisite and delicate manner.

Giving Back:

At Gem Jewelers Co. The method of success has been only through giving back to the community and to the less fortunate. Each month they choose a specific charity organization and commit 10% of their net profit to the less fortunate. By shopping with them, you turn your shopping into a charity act and help them give back to the needy.

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