Jesse “JB” Brown is seeking to solidify his brand B.A.G Management Global as a household name within the TV & Music industry. Born in Brooklyn and raised by a single mother in Hempstead, NY - he is raising the ranks as an influential name within the entertainment industry.

Today I got the chance to interview Jesse and discuss things about his career, ups and downs, and how this man is surviving in such a competitive world.

 Who is Jesse “JB” Brown? What is the story behind you?

Basically, I work in the music, and television industry with a focus in celebrity talent management. I am the Founder/CEO of B.A.G Management Global Inc.

I was born in Brooklyn and my childhood was not like of any average kid. I was raised by a single mother and my family included me, my mother and two sisters. We had to face a lot of problems but I never give up on myself as I knew from the start, my time will change and I am born for something great. All the hard times motivated me to do better and I guess now I am getting what I deserve.

How it all started for you?

After getting out of a jenky songwriting deal with a label I won’t name, my first major opportunities came from booking Rap phenom Lil Scrappy from Atlanta, on the road. The combination of meetings & shows provided me the opportunity to learn from a veteran as well as keep a detailed archive of all my achievements. From there I was able to promote myself, in a major way and from that I signed my first 2 TV stars and thus B.A.G Management Global was born.

Tell us about #BAGMGMT and how are you coping with your competition?

My work consists of helping talent strategize on their next big move, booking their appearances, handling payments/assets & actively seek out new employment. I have a knack for getting the job done and the competition knows this, which brought me to my own personal television debut on a global scale. (Shout out to BET) I recently held a main role on the show HustleinBK, a hit tv series on BET network. The show was focused on myself and a few other outstanding individuals and their careers. The show is the first of it’s kind. We personified the truth of what the new type of financially secure millennial looks like. 

Right now, my main focus is building the online side of B.A.G MGMT’s business. We currently run a very successful e-commerce division that focuses on supplying both major and indie artist & brands the tools they need to make informed decisions on their future through honest marketing tactics. The problem is that affordable, and attainable marketing resources have only just begun to show themselves as available to the everyday dreamer who will more than likely become a CEO. Kudos to the likes of Fiverr, Marketerforhire & others. But the overwhelming issues is that, these music-based tasks often times require a more white glove approach within the music industry. I believe, along with thousands of artists that have used our service, that my customer care team does a great job of helping customers understand that the experience won’t deteriorate as the product and demand grows. Also, understanding the value behind every move they decide to make is key. This creates a positive mindset within the client’s approach, further educating them on the necessity of the process without breaking the bank like every other method out there. It’s a beautiful thing, our system inspires you to learn more as we grow together.  

What keeps you motivated to work more and more?

I get motivation from my humble upbringing when I had nothing. Watching my mother keep the same energy throughout all those years to keep food on the table, made me realize that life is about purpose. When you find your purpose, you go hard every day, which make roadblocks seem only like temporary moments of rest. From young I was externally inspired by Kanye West, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Warren Buffet, & Wiz Khalifa. self made bosses, who came from humble beginnings and never took no for an answer. Slow churning their business until it was worth millions. (We are on our way) 

What is next for you?

With the global pandemic we are facing, we have been blessed to see a 89% increase in our e-commerce marketing sales. So, what’s next on the agenda is expansion! We are looking to expand our customer service base, our Intern program & junior marketers to learn and grow while chasing a career path unlike any other. Im looking to provide jobs to driven millennials who know how to get the job done but are okay with admitting when they don’t. We are essentially fixing a major issue at the base of music and I just want to amplify our efforts.

Any suggestions for our readers?

Life is all about getting better day by day. Work hard to find your purpose & once that happens it will never feel like work again. Also, store some passion for the rainy days ahead. It’s going to take you being self-motivated to help bring your dream team to the finish line.