How One Real Estate Agent Cut Out Dentists in Her Search for the Perfect Smile

 The greatest gift we can give ourselves--if possible and affordable--is the gift of confidence. Whether it’s a new health initiative that makes us feel better about our lives, a new decision in a relationship that leads to better communication, or a physical improvement that gives us that extra step to success, there is a priceless quality to confidence that we all seek.

In a CNBC interview, Bill Gates stated, “Self-confidence is primary and then finding your passion is an adventure, a quest that may take time.” For Tina Hannaford, a Florida real estate agent, she had found her passion, but the adventure was finding her confidence. “I trusted my abilities in real estate and connecting with people but when I looked in the mirror, it was my smile that held me from reaching my true potential,” said Tina. “Real estate is about cultivating relationships,” Tina continued, “I couldn’t do that when I was acutely aware and self-conscious of my smile.”

Like many, Tina set out to improve the one thing that was holding her back – her smile. She soon realized that the perfect smile might be out of reach. Between the exorbitant cost of traditional veneers to the many visits to the dentist office which would mean time away from work and the potential down time caused from the pain of filing down her own teeth, Tina quickly realized that traditional veneers would not be the answer for her. “Seeking a perfect smile shouldn’t break the bank nor should it cause anxiety,” said Tina. “I knew that there had to be a better solution out there, I just had to find it.”

Following in the footsteps of thousands of others, Tina reached out to Brighter Image Lab (BIL), masters of the Lab Direct veneer process. “Finding Brighter Image Lab was the answer to my prayers. I contacted them and was immediately put at ease – I had found my way to a perfect smile,” said Tina.

For more than twenty years, Brighter Image Lab has eased the disparity between those that can afford veneers and those looking for an affordable alternative. Eliminating hidden dentist fees, multiple trips and painful time in the dentist chair, BIL offers smile makeovers for people with missing, crooked, broken, stained, or misaligned teeth at a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of your own home.

“Not once did I have to take time off of work to visit a dentist office or worry about not being able to reverse what I’ve done,” said Tina. BIL’s 100% digitally processed removable veneers are master crafted and custom fitted to each client who work collaboratively with a Smile Specialist assigned to provide feedback and information, listen to and respond to client needs and, ultimately, prioritize customer satisfaction. Made of a strong but flexible crystalized resin BIL veneers can be worn all day without the use of adhesive. Best yet, BIL offers three different pricing and performance tiers to suite any need and budget. “The process with Brighter Image Lab,” said Tina, “was truly amazing and their customer service is pretty awesome--it seems everyone works as a team and they were always so incredibly responsive whenever I had a question.”

“We don't do this just because we want to,” said Bil Watson, CEO and founder of Brighter Image Lab, “we do it because someone has to and we find great joy in helping others become the best version of themselves.”

Three years later and Tina is thriving and smiling as a successful real estate agent. “I found my confidence thanks to BIL. I can’t imagine going a day without them – they boost my confidence, give me pride in my smile and I never worry if clients are staring at my imperfect teeth,” said Tina. “With my BIL veneers, I know that clients are focused on my advice as an expert in my field and, maybe, noticing my beautiful smile.”

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