Successful entrepreneurs and business grandees have a penchant for “raking it in” early on in life. In that same pneuma – the desire to make those Almighty Dollars – John Rivas, of Brooklyn NY, decided to rise to the challenge of starting his own business because he knew that his bright tomorrow could be canceled if he kept relying on someone else's work for his bread and butter.

“My first job was when I applied for Summer Youth at 15 years old & I started working at a Daycare helping kids out. That is when I realized that I didn’t want to work for anyone & depend on working for someone else so that I can make money”, says John.

Though John had that mindset of business magnates from his childhood, it was his first job at 15 which proved to be a real game changer in his life – a game changer in a sense that it made John understand the limitations of self-development and the untapped money-making potential when working 9 to 5.

‘Why should I be at someone's mercy for making my ends meet’ was the conception that never let John bow to the fate of the 9-to-5 thing.

“I was going to school for Business Administration because I knew I wanted to be my own boss & never work for no one else & make money on my own timing. After that experience of working for summer youth I knew that I had to do something different than what the average person does”, says the 20-year-old entrepreneur.

John's life took a turn (but for the better) when he got suspended from Medgar Evers College where he was yet to complete the semester. Kicked out of college and having nothing except his determination to excel in life by being independently owned, it was the tough time when the teen drop-out was literally at his wit's end.

“After I graduated high school I went to Medgar Evars college for a semester & a half where I eventually ended up getting suspended & kicked out of the school to where I no longer could attend!”

But John didn't give up. He rose to the challenge and picked up the gauntlet thrown at him. And finally, it was IM Mastery Academy (an online academy that educates, empowers, and enriches people with mastery over trading currencies in the Forex) that helped John accomplish his dream of being a 'SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur'. And the bonus genius? John Rivas was able to cash in on without an academic degree.

“It’s crazy because people actually think you need a degree to become a business owner & I was one of those people but that is truly false. After being suspended from college I didn’t know how I was gonna do it but until I got introduced to IM Mastery Academy where I am now an Independent Business Owner making residual & passive income”, John commented.

IM Mastery Academy has helped the 20-year-old entrepreneur prosper in life by making him a maestro in digital marketing and forex trading and granting him the skills to have the Midas touch while maintaining a proper work and life balance. The platform has enabled John to strike it rich by 'actually' making it possible for him to turn his first hundred dollars into a hundred thousand dollars via an effective step-by-step forex trading approach.

"The best thing about my business is that I don’t have to step foot out of my house if I don’t want to. I make money all from the comfort of my house while I’m awake & while I’m sleeping passive & residual income", says John.

Just like he himself has scaled the dizzy heights of success at such a young age, John wants to do the same power of good to others as well. He is usually done trading by 1 pm, after which he spends all the remaining hours that God sends on building his business and awakening the entrepreneurial spirits of passionate individuals by showing them the A-Z formula to make big bucks in the digital environment.

“The objective of my business is to enrich, empower & educate the masses on different skill sets so they can become investors, digital entrepreneurs, and independent business owners. My business helps people because people start to tap into their limitless potential & start to do things & think in ways they never did before. Helping them create various sources of income all from the comfort of their home”, John added.

However, earning money in the digital sphere as an entrepreneur requires a higher level of dedication and personal motivation. You are stepping into a competitive world, where you are expected to go through the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. But once you successfully pass this initial development phase of the business, you are guaranteed to go great guns in your entrepreneurial journey.

"Once you understand challenges are part of the game you start to love it & embrace it because the more challenges & obstacles are just getting you closer to that next level that you've been waiting for", says J.Rivas.


John Rivas is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from New York. Daring to be different, he ditched the 9 to 5 job mentality and used IM Mastery Academy to excel forward with his dream to be an independent business owner. He mastered the art of forex trading and digital marketing via the academy and very soon became able to comfortably foot the expenditures of a luxury lifestyle without being strapped for cash. A ruthlessly ambitious workaholic, John is also involved in entirely altruistic acts where he helps others to live the dream via IM Mastery Academy.