As the year comes to a close, Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite International, Ltd. is preparing for another national launch, highlighting a brand new line of products. Though they’re often associated with the likes of other celebrity-backed companies, Ignite’s standard of quality across all of their products is unrivaled. Despite facing various challenges within the company’s management team, Ignite now looks forward to 2021, having resolved all prior adversities.

Committed to offering only the gold standard of quality across their entire product line, whether it be CBD or performance beverages, the newly assembled Ignite leadership team consists of a distinguished group of individuals that remain devoted to maintaining the brand’s high standing status. Positioned for exponential sales and success, Ignite heads into 2021, with a prominent management team in place.

At the top, Ignite boasts John Schaefer, joining the company with more than 25 years of experience in high-growth manufacturing and operations, with a specialty in retail disciplines. Coming from the household name grocery conglomerate Wegmans and Bayer (formerly known as Monsanto), Schaefer brings years of successfully creating and implementing extremely proficient state-of-the-art operations and supply chains for start-ups and multi-billion dollar corporations. As the President and Chief Operating Officer, Schaefer assumes this role, guiding Ignite’s diverse portfolio of premier quality products and devising inventive techniques to meet the brand’s customers needs in order to ultimately boost revenue numbers.

“Ignite has reached a pivotal moment in its development,” says Schaefer. “We have the right team and the right products to serve an engaged community of loyal customers. The Ignite brand reflects the lifestyle of our consumers – successful, young and independent trend setters.”

On the finance side of Ignite comes CFO, Paul Dowdall who joins the team with many years experience in private and publicly traded consumer product corporations. His curriculum vitae touts major corporations like Apple, Blackberry, and Bell Canada. Engrossed with Ignite’s commitment to excellence, Dowdall’s years of leadership experience continues to advance the company’s business sector. With the integral role as CFO, Dowdall has played a major part in reducing unnecessary spending and instead augmented the sales and operations teams. With the brand’s undeniable position for potential success, Dowdall couldn’t deny himself the opportunity to be part of Ignite. With his experience in reorganization finance departments, he now looks forward to publishing Ignite’s Q4 results, confident that they will reveal noteworthy improvement as well as a promising first quarter in the new year.

“Ignite is a brand that stands for something important; great products, authenticity, and innovation,” says Dowdall.” Being able to contribute to this in a meaningful way is powerful in itself.”

Overseeing one of the company’s newest divisions is National Accounts Director, James Gracely who is at the helm of ZRO, Ignite’s performance beverage. The veteran executive brings experience from beverage company Bang Energy, versed in sales strategy with more than 20 years of experience. Now, Gracely strives to position Ignite as an industry-leading player in the performance beverage, nutrition and CPG arena.

But as Ignite closes quarter four of 2020, the lifestyle brand looks to their newly appointed Senior Brand Manager, Greg Solomon for maintaining a comprehensive brand identity. Having spent six years at Coca-Cola and bringing experience from the alcohol and spirits industry, Solomon offers Ignite a prolific history of working for successful beverage, alcohol, spirits and CPG industries, especially concerning brand management and marketing. Today, Solomon is adamant about maintaining a unified brand identity across all Ignite products.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of the launch of our beverage brands with our performance beverage Z-RO. Our Spirits line, including Vodka and Tequila, will launch in 2021,” says Solomon. “Happy to be a part of a company where a ‘quality-first’ approach is fundamental to the brand and our products.”

With a fortified team in place, Ignite remains committed to curating a lifestyle brand that consumers relate to and enjoy. From their premium CBD products or their performance beverage, ZRO, Ignite speaks to lifestyles of the young, energetic, independent, and prosperous.

To learn more about IGNITE and their products, visit their website.