Mumbai, October 25: Nissan Motors has shown its future EV approach by introducing its Nissan Hyper Force EV Concept at the Japan Mobility Show. At the Japan Mobility Show, many vehicles, their design and concepts have been showcased with advanced features and core-design. Nissan's upcoming Hyper Force all-electric concept shows a futuristic, sleek and sharp design with illuminating cockpit. 

According to the reports, the new Nissan Hyper Force is a new generation of Halo sports cars with advanced EV innovations. As per reports, the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer is aiming to create a better, cleaner and safer sustainable world by promoting EVs. Now, every major automobile company including luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz focus on providing EVs with long-range and powerful featuresTata Cuvv Likely To Launch in India Soon: Check New Design, Expected Specification and India Launch Details.

Nissan Hyper Force concept revealed (Watch Video): 

Nissan Hyper Force EV Concept Features and Specifications: 

According to reports, the Nissan Hyper Force introduced at the Japan Mobility Show features an all-electric powertrain that will likely produce a 1,000 kW output providing up to 1,360 bhp power. The reports say that the car comes with weight balancing, a solid battery, a lightweight body, and powerful acceleration. As per reports, the new Nissan Hyper Force EV features high-strength carbon and promises enhanced cornering and handling on winding roads and circuits. 

The car concept reportedly offers four satellite screens displaying air pressure, temperature, tire grip, power distribution, temperature of brake rotors, and much more. The reports also say that it has air conditioning, a stabilizer setting for long and comfortable driving, and suspension; all can be operated from a screen while driving. The front and back seats are said to be lightweight, and the car concept offers four seat belts.

Nissan Hyper Force EV Concept Design: 

The Hyper Force concept shows a pointy and sharp design with extreme graphics and paint colour reportedly designed by Polyphony Digital Inc. The vents, front headlights, taillights, and overall aerospace-inspired design and expected on-track performance make it one of the most powerful EVs to launch. As per reports, the new concept features "Racing" and "Grand Touring" driving modes, and the front display is said to show the driver the required information. GM Subsidiary Cruise’s Self-driving Car Permit Suspended In San Francisco

The R (Racing) and GT (Grand Touring) modes are said to illuminate the cockpit differently. The reports say that the "R (Racing)" mode is said to illuminate in red for concentration. The "GT (Grand Touring) mode glows the cockpit in blue for an immersive experience and quite simple infotainment screen experience. As per reports, the Nissan Hyper Force EV concept is likely to be the successor of the Nissan GT-R R35 model. The concept is aerodynamically great for a comfortable long-distance driving experience, but it may take a while to get going till the final product is announced.

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