Mumbai, August 16: On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, Ola released Ola S1X+ along with Ola S1X on August 15, 2023. With Ola S1 now discontinued, the company has a lot riding on Ola S1X and Ola S1X+.

Before the launch of the Ola S1X+, there was a lot of speculation regarding its price and features. Now that the official launch has cleared things up, we do have the confirmed details. If you are considering buying the Ola S1X+, read on to find its features, price, and other essential information. Ola S1X: Know All About Ola's New E-Scooter's Features, Variants, Price and Other Details.

Ola S1X+ Price

Unlike Ola S1X, which had two battery-sized variants, the Ola S1X+ has a single variant. Its battery capacity is 3 kWh. It is priced at Rs 99,999. However, this price is applicable for only a limited period. The Ola S1X+ will be priced at Rs 99,999 till August 21, 2023, following which its price will be increased to Rs 1.09 lakhs.

Those interested in Ola S1X+ can book the electric scooter from the official website of Ola Electric. While bookings have started since August 15, 2023, the deliveries will only begin in September 2023. Tesla Model S, Model X: Elon Musk Run-Electric Vehicle Company Unveils Cheaper Variants of Two Car Models, Check Price and Specifications.

Ola S1X+ Features and Other Details

The Ola S1X+ has a 5-inch segmented display and a certified range of 151 km IDC (Indian Driving Conditions). It will support keyless unlock and smart connectivity features. As for storage, it has 34l boot space. The vehicle will also have a navigation feature and show who’s calling in case you receive a call while driving.

In terms of acceleration, it has a top speed of 90km/hr and can go from 0km/hr to 40km/hr in 3.3s. The Ola S1X+ is based on the Gen 2 platform, like S1X and the S1 Pro Gen 2. One of the best parts of owning any bike is how stylish they are, and the Ola S1X+ isn’t any different. It comes in a multi-tone design, which utilizes three colours. It has seven options- Red Velocity, Midnight, Funk, Stellar, Vogue, Porcelain White, and Liquid Silver.

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