Freeman Publications, a financial publishing company with multiple bestsellers led by Oliver El-Gorr, ended 2020 with record-breaking success. They have helped over 7,500 investors not only begin their investing journey but achieve success as well. The company's unique focus on investing process and commitment to superior service has created a lasting impact on many of its customers, quickly becoming one of the go-to names in the retail investing space. With this stellar track record, and 2020 having an increased demand for investing information, the company has confirmed its 2021 plans.

Since the pandemic-induced stock market downturn in March of 2020, retail investors have been increasingly active in the market. What was once solely the domain of Wall Street has now been democratized to the masses.

Low commission investing platform Robinhood announced a 30% increase in signups and announced that second-quarter revenue in 2020 eclipsed all revenue made between 2015 to 2018. Google search trends for "Tesla stock price" more than doubled between March and September.

Companies like Zoom, Etsy, and Tesla benefitted from an increase in retail investors, and the market as a whole showed remarkable recovery from the lows caused by the Coronavirus.

However, with this influx of novice investors, many high-risk strategies such as options trading and buying stocks using leverage have crept into the average investor's psyche.

Freeman Publications, a financial education company, based in London, is on a mission to help novice investors navigate the chaotic world of stock market news. As new and experienced investors seek its guidance and expertise, the company cuts through the online noise and focuses only on what matters. The company published six books in 2020, with two of those reaching Amazon bestseller status.

Beating The Pros

As more people are taking an active interest in investing, combined with more free time in a "work from home" environment, the stock market has quickly become a hot topic in many households.

"Individual investors have every advantage over the so-called Wall Street pros" says Oliver El-Gorr, Founder and CEO.

Freeman Publications advocates taking financial responsibility because no one else will ever care as much about your money as you do. The company believes strongly in the principles of only being accountable to yourself, having ultimate flexibility in the assets you invest in and operating from a continuous improvement mindset.

El-Gorr states "I don't believe there are any facts in investing, only hypotheses. Which only time will prove correct one way or another. We must never rest on our laurels and keep iterating our process."

Taking responsibility and having your own investing process is vital in a world where professional money managers are continuing to underdeliver for their clients. According to Dow Jones, active fund managers have continually underperformed the benchmark index over the past ten years. After ten years, 85 percent of large cap funds underperformed the S&P 500, and after 15 years, nearly 92 percent are trailing the index. These statistics don't include funds that were shut down after poor performance, so the actual number may be higher.

In 2020, Freeman Publications published their list of High Conviction Stock Ideas. The average return for one of these stocks at the time of writing was 47.78%, three times larger than the S&P 500 at 15.84% and the North American Hedge Fund index at 14.52%.

El-Gorr explains that this list is published for accountability more than anything else. "We want our customers to see that we put our money where our mouth is, so we're not shying away from telling people about the companies we like."

A Deeper Understanding

Building on their achievements from 2020, the company plans to develop a more personal service for its readers in 2021.

"With alarming trends like pump and dump schemes making a resurgence, it's more important than ever that regular investors have a place to go to get the facts."

Freeman Publications plans to expand into group coaching packages where investors can bring their own ideas to the table and low cost, real time AI driven solutions to common investing problems. Freeman Publications recognizes the challenges that this current market environment brings.

Freeman Publications believes it is important that investors have an opportunity to express their own ideas in an environment where they are heard, rather than surrounded by competing ideas.

Many have praised the company for this. In a world where communication between company and customer Is becoming more automated, a human touch is always welcome.

About the Company

Freeman Publications is a global company, headquartered in the UK, that provides educational resources to their customers. The company prides itself on superior service and recognizing the human element of investing.

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