Foreign exchange trading phenomenon Austin Silver has been smashing it lately on his ASFX platform, educating the next generation of forex traders and inspiring them to achieve the financial freedom they've been chasing, implementing his signature systems and strategies. Austin has worked hard over the past 5 years to build up ASFX from a dorm room dream into one of the most established and respected educational forex platforms globally. Inbetween the daily updates and services he performs for his ASFX members, and the steady stream of free content he develops for his Instagram and YouTube, it's hard to believe Austin is human! But not only is he well respected as one of the most authentic day traders on the scene, Austin is currently gearing up to launch his annual ASFX Forex Trading Accelerator full-day intensive seminar. If you're looking to get started in forex trading or level up and learn to land consistently winning trades, Austin's seminar is the perfect experience for you.

ASFX is Austin's answer to the high barrier to entry that day trading forex usually holds. Many people come into the scene with grand ideas of winning big bucks, end up flopping around while losing their investments, and become discouraged that forex isn't for them. Austin is here to show you that forex trading can be for anybody with the drive for more freedom, and the discipline to research, study and act accordingly.

The ASFX system houses teachings for easy to implement strategies that Austin successfully uses every day, but he also teaches the mindset and discipline needed to achieve balance in one's life, to overcome negative compulsive and destructive mindsets and habits (which can be prevalent in trading). This results in traders who are well-rounded and able to triumph over challenges, and are also able to maintain clarity and focus when it comes to securing favourable trades. ASFX is not only about learning to be a good trader, but also learning to be a better, stronger human.

This is part of the reason why Austin has seen such success. With over 70k followers on Instagram, and 20k on Twitter, people come to Austin for inspiration because he is such a modest and passionate person. Austin truly believes in helping others and shares his resources - a lot of it for free - in the hopes that motivated traders can attain their own slice of financial freedom. Austin works very intimately with his community of ASFX VIP members, who have unlimited lifetime access to the community channels by partaking in one of ASFX's services; sharing new information on potential trades he's making and offering direct communication and support for his community.

Previous events were held in Philadelphia and Clearwater FL, which were both a huge success, with participants coming out of the experience feeling invigorated and inspired. Having that face-to-face connection with the ability to delve deeper and understand the nuance of Austin's mind is game changing compared to the rigidity of many online courses. Participants felt enriched through the networking aspect of the seminar, connecting with like minded individuals and demonstrating the strong community behind ASFX.

The ASFX Forex Trading Accelerator Event for 2021 is being held in Phoenix, Arizona on March 5th. Spaces are strictly limited to an intimate gathering of 15 ambitious entrepreneurs, so if you feel ready to take the next step in your journey towards day trading mastery and financial freedom; connect with Austin Silver and the ASFX team on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and through their website to find out more and secure your place in the next ASFX event.