Know why Dahiya is the best when it comes to scaling a dropshipping site in a competitive e-commerce space.

Some people build their careers at a very tender age only to get the opportunity to explore the world early & construct their growth in their careers & life accordingly. We know of a young boy named Sahil Dahiya who directly dived into becoming an entrepreneur, also facing all the odds in his life & today is at a position where he can guide other youngsters from the industry to become successful. This boy dropped out of college after his 12 grade & then started working for being an entrepreneur that is how the journey of Dahiya has been till now.

Since every start-up needs a lot of funding at the start, to earn the required amounts, Dahiya started by working as a freelancer in the digital marketing field, even run Facebook ads on online platforms & did many other jobs in the digital marketing field. After collecting the required funds, Dahiya opened up his dropshipping business in 2018. Today he has become one of those young e-commerce entrepreneurs who is the best at what he does.

To help other budding entrepreneurs wanting to do something similar like him & achieve success in the e-commerce space, the young guy sketches a few growth strategies that start-up owners can learn to scale their business.

  • Reach your customers smartly: Many entrepreneurs still do not know how to target their customers. Targeting the right customers for your business is very crucial for the growth of the company says Dahiya. Hence, it becomes important to reach them smartly. Know important data about them like what brands they use, which celebs they follow, etc. & target them accordingly.
  • Recapture customers through email marketing: Yes, email marketing is still considered to be one of the most efficient ways to recapture your customers, according to Dahiya. He also says that it would usually cost more to new entrepreneurs in acquiring new customers, but with email marketing, they can easily & efficiently recapture the ones who already exist. You can use welcome emails, post-purchase emails, auto-responders on email, etc.
  • Make maximum use of campaign budget optimization: Dahiya recommends businesses to use this new advertising system which is provided by Facebook. This system helps in monitoring the targeting & sees how your ad sets perform. It also helps in distributing the budget of your campaign in real-time to acquire those results. So, Facebook advertising is a very cost-effective platform that manages even the small aspects of your campaign smartly.

There are other strategies as well, like using Messenger ads which can help you directly follow-up with your potential customers & helps in increasing leads for your business. Also, to know what's working for them & what's not, an attribution plan must be taken into account. People can leverage attribution by image testing, message testing, etc.

The above are some of the useful strategies that rising entrepreneurs can learn from Dahiya & carve a successful path for them in the e-commerce world, just like Dahiya did.