New Delhi, October 17: Today, Tata Motors Cars have launched its Tata Safari and Tata Harrier models through a YouTube live-streaming link. The new Tata SUVs come with the latest features, design upgrades, safety ratings, and more. The new generation of Safari and Harrier have been launched with many design upgrades. The new models have grille upgrades, LED headlamps, fog lamps, LED turn indicators, better infotainment screens, and more. 

Tata Safari Facelift and Harrier gets a new parametric grille design and other significant upgrades. Tata Motors Cars has launched its Safari and Harrier 2023 models with multiple variants and each variant is launched at attractive price range. Here are all the variants with their introductory launch prices. Audi S5 Sportback Platinum Edition Launched in India: From Specifications To Design Upgrades and Price, Here's Everything To Know.

Tata Harrier, Tata Safari Live Launch YouTube Link:

Tata Harrier Introductory Price:

  • Smart - Rs 15.49 lakh
  • Pure - Rs 16.99 lakh
  • Pure+ - Rs 18.69 lakh
  • Adventure - Rs 20.19 lakh
  • Adventure+ - Rs 20.69 lakh
  • Fearless - Rs 22.99 lakh
  • Fearless+ - Rs 24.49 lakh

The Harrier automatic models start at Rs 19.19 lakh, and the Dark model starts at Rs 19.19 lakh. These models will be available in Pure+, Adventure+, Fearless, and Fearless+ variants. 

Tata Safari Introductory Price:

  • Smart - Rs 16.19 lakh
  • Pure - Rs 17.69 lakh
  • Pure+ - Rs 19.39 lakh
  • Adventure - Rs 20.99 lakh
  • Adventure+ - Rs 22.69 lakh
  • Fearless - Rs 23.99 lakh
  • Fearless+ - Rs 25.49 lakh

The Tata Safari AMT model starts at Rs 20.69 lakh, and the Dark version is priced at Rs 25.49. These AMT models will be available in Pure+, Adventure+, Accomplished and Accomplished+ variants. 

Tata Safari, Tata Harrier New Features and Specifications: 

The new Safari and Harrier models have a 31.24cm Harman infotainment system that delivers low latency and faster response. The car offers an acoustic experience with its JBL Audioworkx with individual tuning options. The vehicles have the same Kryotec 2.0 litre diesel engine capable of producing a maximum of 170PS power and 350Nm torque. As for the transmissions, the car comes with 6-speed AMT and MT options. 

Tata Motors Cars also introduced a 26.3cm digital instrument cluster. The iRA 2.0 connected technology used in the vehicle comes with 50+ connected and safety features used with smartphones or smartwatches. The company offers Alexa Car To Home features and other options like Alexa, Siri, Google and Tata's own native commands. The car comes with voice-assisted dual-zone climate control with fully automatic functionality. Kia EV5, Kia Concept EV3, Kia Concept EV4 Unveiled Today: Check Out Design, Expected Price and Features of Upcoming Kia EV Models.

Tata Harrier and Safari Features, Fuel Efficiency and Booking Details: 

The other features of the cars include an Advanced Driver Assistance System, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, over-speeding assist, cornering assist, 7-airbags, in-built emergency call function. Tata Safari and Tata Harrier models have achieved a 5-star safety rating. As per reports, the fuel efficiency of Tata Safari MT is 16.30kmpl, and the AMT model is said to deliver 14.50 kmpl. On the other hand, Harrier claims a fuel efficiency of 16.80kmpl for MT and 14.60kmpl for AMT variant. The booking for the model have already started, deliveries are expected to start from today.

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