Austin, May 21: Tesla layoffs sent shockwaves to the electric vehicle, tech and automobile industry as Elon Musk's run company announced workforce reduction due to slow EV sales, other players' competitive prices, and poor Q1 results. Tesla layoffs began mid-April when the company cut 10% of its global workforce and began laying off other department in the following weeks. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly emailed the seniors working at its Supercharger team and let many others go, disbanding the department. 

According to a report by India Today, Tesla employees started living in fear of getting emails with "Dear Employee...". The report said that the Tesla layoffs launched in April, cutting 10% of the workforce, had been a part of cost-cutting measures, a slump in sales and due to poor first-quarter results. The layoffs at Tesla, the employees working in the company reportedly feared job loss. The report highlighted that Tesla layoffs are expected to last until June 2024, as per Bloomberg. Tesla Layoffs: Elon Musk’s EV Company To Lay Off 601 Employees Across Multiple Locations in California Starting From June 20, Says Report.

The report said that the Tesla workers had been worried, waking up imagining they would get an email with "Dear Employee..."  that would cost them their jobs. The report hints that Elon Musk's Tesla had been on a path of uncertainty, which left the employees in constant worry.

Explaining the situation on LinkedIn, Michael Minick, company's former sales representative who was part of Tesla layoffs in April said that it was "difficult to imagine the feeling of walking on eggshells at work." He added that there was a feeling of uncertainty about being unable to pay bills or feed the family. Michael Minick further said that it would be a relief to know that they could breathe and focus on their work without the grey cloud of uncertainty on their head. Tesla Rehiring After Layoffs: Elon Musk-Run Company Hires Some Employees Again After Firing Them To Expand Supercharger Network.

The report said that the employees working at Elon Musk's Tesla had made several changes, which included shifting from Silicon Valley roots and focusing on AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics. The report mentioned that some employees at Tesla said that Elon Musk prioritising projects like Robotaxi and EV manufacturing led to a decline in morale. The report said the anxiety increased among the employees due to the "absence of clear indication" of Elon Musk's conclusion about Tesla layoffs.

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