vPhrase is transforming data analytics and reporting for businesses with the latest release of the Phrazor platform.

There’s so much data that every organisation collects during its normal course of business, and the speed and quantum of this ongoing collection is phenomenal. This data holds valuable insights for the business, which may not be too obvious unless available in a comprehensible and interesting manner.

Despite using a plethora of Business Intelligence tools, dashboards and spreadsheets, businesses still find themselves unable to leverage upon the immense opportunities hidden in the data they collect. This is largely because dashboards and visualization tools only tell you “what” is happening while leaving out the “why” part of it, simply because they are not equipped for the same.

Thankfully, things are about to change with Phrazor[a], the self-service BI platform developed by vPhrase[b], to help organisations take the guesswork out of data analysis. Founded by Neerav Parekh, Phrazor uses Natural Language Generation- an advanced AI technology, to transform complex datasets into simple language-based narratives, supported by interactive visualizations. While popular BI platforms use visualisations, Phrazor uses language, because inter-relationships between data-points and deep insights are difficult to communicate without using language.