New Delhi, November 13: Volvo unveiled its first fully-electric luxury minivan, Volvo EM90, on November 12 which provide better range and premium specifications. Following its award-winning fully-electric small Volvo SUV EX30, the second car from the Swedish automobile manufacturer is the Volvo EM90. It demonstrates innovative abilities and caters to specific market demands. 

The new Volvo EM90 is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) introduced considering the increased popularity and demand, especially in India. Volvo's EX30 and newly unveiled EM90 aim to gain a global audience and reach profitable markets, fulfilling customers' needs. Renault Duster 2024: New Third-Generation SUV To Launch Next Year; Check Leaked Design and Other Details Here.

Volvo EM90 - The Grand Opening (Watch Video):

Volvo EM90 Specification and Range:

According to the official Volvo Car Global Newsroom post, the Volvo EM90 will launch in China as the company said, "China is the world's largest car market". After launching in China, the company may also introduce the new EM90 in other countries. As per Hindustan Times Auto report, the new Volvo EM90 offers 2,024mm width, 1,859mm height, 3,205mm wheelbase, and 5,206mm length. The report further states the new fully-electric car from Volvo will also have sliding doors for the rear seats. The other reports said the new EM90 would pack a 116kW battery that taking about 30 minutes to charge it 0% to 80%. 

The reports said that the EM90 would launch with a 15.4-inch infotainment screen on the front seat and a 15.6-inch screen adjusted by lifting down from the roof to the back seat. The reports further said the car would have 21 speakers from Bowers & Wilkins, giving immersive music-listening and movie-watching experience. The car would run from 0 to 100kmph within 8.3 seconds, and a single motor would reportedly deliver over the 738km range.

Volvo EM90 Features and Design: 

The car will reportedly be based on Zeekr 09, introduced by Geely, Volvo's Chinese partner. According to reports, the new EM90 offers upgraded designs and features like "Thor's Hammer LED headlights and taillights". The car will launch with an illuminating "Volvo" logo on the front. Volvo describes the car as "Scandinavian living rooms on wheels". Skoda Superb Unveiled in Czech Republic: Check New Design, Features and Other Details (Watch Videos).

Volvo EM90 Expected Launch in India:

Volvo announced that it will first introduce the car to the biggest car market, i.e. China. Soon after launching the vehicle in India, the company may launch its EM90 in other countries, including India. As of now, the new Volvo full-electric minivan has yet to get its official launch in China.

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