Cannabidiol Oil, more popularly known as CBD oil, has become one of the most popular items used within the lifestyle of the health-conscious consumer. Used for its numerous benefits including anti-anxiety and inflammatory responses, CBD has flooded the market in a number of different products including oils and softgels (change). Although many CBD products may look similar, they are by no means all made the same, an idea taken personally by family-operated company CBDPure.

CBDPure’s line of products including oils, creams and softgels are award-winning for a number of reasons. A pioneer in all-natural CBD Products, CBDPure creates the perfect oil using non-GMO hemp grown only by local family farmers in Washington and Colorado. Using no artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives, CBDPure uses only high-quality ingredients found in nature.

The misconception that all CBD oils are produced the same or have the same effects is what prevents health-conscious consumers from getting the best out of their products. Most CBD products circulating the market are unregulated and untested, meaning a number of harmful additives and chemicals could be ingested by consumers including toxic metals and pesticides. Additionally, it was found that many untested products contained less CBD than advertised, meaning consumers are losing both money and potential health benefits.

This distribution of quality throughout the industry is what truly sets CBDPure apart from its competitors. To maintain their own standard for quality, CBDPure tests each link on the production chain to ensure every drop of CBDPure’s products is the purest, most natural source of CBD on the market. Additionally, every batch of CBDPure products are quality tested by a third-party lab, providing quality and potency results which are publicly available for customer review.

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