Dapoli Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019 – Latest News & Results

Change Constituency / Year
Kadam Yogeshdada Ramdas
Votes: 94993
Party: SHS
BJP 105
SHS 56
NCP 54
INC 44
Others 29
288 / 288
Result Status
O.S.N. Candidate Party EVM Votes Postal Votes Total Votes % of Votes
1Kadam Yogeshdada RamdasShiv Sena949933719536451.31
2Kadam Sanjayrao VasantNationalist Congress Party812625248178644
3Marchande Pravin SahadeoBahujan Samaj Party2010520151.08
4Khopkar Santosh DattaramVanchit Bahujan Aaghadi13241213360.72
5Kadam Yogeshdada DipakIndependent14401440.08
6Patil Suvarna SunilIndependent82488320.45
7Vikas Ramchandra BatawleIndependent11711180.06
8Vijay Daji MoreIndependent11301130.06
9Sanjay Dagadu KadamIndependent11201120.06
10Sanjay Sitaram KadamIndependent25512560.14
11Sanjay Sambhaji KadamIndependent1074010740.58
12NOTANone of the Above2705627111.46
Total 184933928185861
In the upcoming polls, the BJP-Sena coalition is being predicted to hold the edge. The sum of major opinion polls have claimed a return of the incumbent ruling alliance in the forthcoming polls. Surveys have went to the extent of predicting 205-220 seats for the BJP-Sena alliance.
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Dapoli Assembly Election 2019: Candidates List

MLA Candidates Party
Kadam Yogeshdada Ramdas SHS
Marchande Pravin Sahadeo BSP
Khopkar Santosh Dattaram VBA
Kadam Sanjayrao Vasant NCP
Vikas Ramchandra Batawle IND
Kadam Yogeshdada Dipak IND
Sanjay Sambhaji Kadam IND
Sanjay Sitaram Kadam IND
Patil Suvarna Sunil IND
Sanjay Dagadu Kadam IND
Vijay Daji More IND
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