Malegaon Central Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019 – Latest News & Results

Change Constituency / Year
BJP 105
SHS 56
NCP 54
INC 44
Others 29
288 / 288

Malegaon Central Result Declared

MLA Candidates Party Votes
Bahbood Abdul Khalique (Freedom Fighter) IND 59
Maher Kausar Mo Lukman Ansari IND 126
Abdul Khalik Gulam Mohammad IND 395
Abdul Wahid (Wahid Tailor) IND 110
Irfan Mo.Ishaque (Nadir) IND 50
Mohammad Ismail Jumman IND 49
Aasif Shaikh Rasheed INC 78723
Dipali Vivek Warule BJP 1450
Sayyed Saleem Sayyed Aleem Urf Pasu Bhai IND 412
Rizwan Bhai Bettery Wala IND 367
A.Hameed Kala Gandhi IND 152
Rauf Baba Khan IND 66
Mohammed Ismail Abdul Khalique AIMIM NA
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