Bollywood luminary Alia Bhatt has recently found herself entangled in a web of controversy following her high-profile appearance at the 2024 Met Gala. While her stunning presence initially captivated headlines worldwide, her burgeoning fame post-event has thrust her into the murky waters of the Blockout 2024 movement. The Indian actress has come under intense scrutiny for what some perceive as her deafening silence on the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Did Alia Bhatt Shell Out Rs 63 Lakh for Met Gala 2024 Attendance? Here’s the Scoop!

According to reports, Bhatt has been accused of 'complicity', echoing similar accusations directed at several other Hollywood stars. This movement, which gained momentum on platforms like TikTok, involves social media users 'blocking' celebrities whom they believe have failed to acknowledge the dire situation unfolding in Palestine amidst the conflict with Israel. Met Gala 2024: Netizens Declare Alia Bhatt 'Best Dressed' As She Slays in Sabyasachi Saree for the Fashion Extravaganza.

Alia Bhatt in Blockout List 2024


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For the unaware, a growing roster of celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and upwards of a hundred others, has been added to the Blockout 2024 list. This compilation, steadily expanding by the day, is disseminated across social media platforms, accompanied by links to the handles of celebrities who attended high-profile events yet remained conspicuously silent on the pressing humanitarian crisis.

The fallout from the Met Gala has underscored the power and responsibility wielded by public figures in the digital age. In an era where social media amplifies voices and magnifies accountability, celebrities are under increasing pressure to utilise their platforms for social justice causes. For Alia Bhatt and others ensnared in the Blockout 2024 movement, the repercussions of their perceived silence are a stark reminder of the expectations placed upon those in the public eye.

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