Cheat India Now to be Called 'Why Cheat India?', Emraan Hashmi's Movie Gets a New Title as CBFC Raises Concern

Cheat India Now to be Called 'Why Cheat India?', Emraan Hashmi's Movie Gets a New Title as CBFC Raises Concern
New Poster of Emraan Hashmi's Film Why Cheat India (Photo Credits: File Image)

Tough times have struck the producers of Emraan Hashmi' s upcoming movie Cheat India, just a week before their film is scheduled to hit the screens on January 18. The CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) raised an objection to the title 'Cheat India'. In a report in Mumbai Mirror, the Examining Committee saw the film last Thursday and raised concerns that the title was a point of discomfort as it was controversial and misleading when seen in the context of the film. While the makers argued about how the film with the title has been in the public domain since the last two years and was playing the trailer and promos for a long time, the committee was adamant that changes be made. It’s Official! Emraan Hashmi’s Cheat India to Release on January 18; Avoids Clash With Thackeray Biopic and Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika

The film was then referred it to the Revising Committee, which watched the film on Saturday and echoed the sentiments of the Examining Committee, the report read. After quite the head storming, the makers eventually caved in and various options were suggested of which Why Cheat India was mutually agreed upon by both parties and the Regional Officer finally cleared the film on Wednesday with a U/A certificate, the report mentioned.  Cheat India Trailer: Emraan Hashmi's Fans Have Heavy Expectations From 'Rakesh Singh' and We Hope for the Best! (Read Tweets)

Soon enough, the producers also released an official statement, which reads:

“The CBFC had concerns about the title Cheat India. We had an extensive conversation with the Examining Committee and Revising Committee regarding the proposed change as the film has been in public domain for a year, and more importantly, because the theatrical teaser, trailer and television promos had already been certified with the original title. This would lead to dual communication a week before the release. The duress of lack of time left us with no choice but to mutually agree to the new title, Why Cheat India.”

Emraan was earlier quoted saying, "The script and title of Cheat India are supremely powerful. This is among the most engaging and riveting stories I’ve read in a while and I am thrilled to be essaying what I believe will be a landmark role in my filmography." The film was initially slated to release on January 25 but was then preponed to January 18 and film's maker Bhushan Kumar revealed that the decision to do so out of respect for the late Balasaheb and the move worked from a business point of view.