Farrey movie starring Salman Khan's niece Alizeh Agnihotri, Prassana Bisht and Sahil Mehta in key roles released in theatres today (Nov 24).  The movie  helmed by Soumendra Padhi revolves around an orphan genius Niyati, who gets entangled in a cheating racket after gaining admission into an elite school on scholarship. Before its release, Farrey did create buzz online, thanks to Salman promoting it. Now, as per reviews by critics, Farrey is a great watch as it's packed with lots of thrill. Here, check out review roundup of Farrey below. Farrey Teaser: Salman Khan's Niece Alizeh Agnihotri Makes Her Bollywood Debut in Soumendra Padhi's Thriller Movie (Watch Video).

India Today: "Performances are the strongest pillars in Farrey. After writing, if there is a force that makes the film worth watching, then it has to be the ensemble that Padhi has put together. You can tell from the scenes that he has definitely put these kids through rehearsals and sessions before finalising the main take."

Hindustan Times: "Farrey is also enjoyable thanks in no small part to its characterisation that stresses on the greys, reminiscent of the ambiguity that the OTT style of storytelling again has brought to keep long-form content engaging. Sahil Mehta of Tabbar and Good Luck Jerry, who plays Akash, the other scholarship student at Winston High, powers his performance with the down-and-outer’s angst. Zeyn Shaw (Class), who you have to try very hard to see as a high-schooler, essays the harmless young charmer but without the annoying awareness of sex appeal that actors sometimes exude." Farrey: Salman Khan Personifies Swag in Black Attire at Mumbai Premiere of Niece Alizeh Agnihotri’s Debut Film (Watch Video).

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Firstpost: "Farrey does get predictable in between, when the bubble is busted and it’s time for Niyati to face the world. The alteration with parents, monologues on misery and money are something Emraan Hashmi mastered way back in 2008 with Jannat. But even in 2023, the idea feels interesting and the credit for that goes to Abhishek Yadav and Soumendra Padhi. Salman Khan is the co-producer of Farrey, and it shows he can genuinely surprise us with his choices of films, even if it comes sans acting in them."

TOI: "The USP of writers Soumendra and Abhishek Yadav’s narrative lies in avoiding the tropes of school drama and the thrill it serves. The contrasting worlds of the rich and the poor kids are presented well. While the former has the opportunities but not the fire to study, it’s the other way around for the latter. Interestingly, albeit dissimilar, parents’ expectations are a common factor."

So, after reading the above reviews, will you watch Farrey movie in theatres near you?

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