Gully Boy Deleted Scene: Ranveer Singh Shuts Down A Myth About Dharavi Like A Boss (Watch Video)
Photo Credit: Youtube

Gully Boy makers are celebrating one year of the film by releasing deleted scenes. Recently, a rap battle between MC Sher Vs D'Evil was released which wowed everyone. Today, Ranveer Singh shared yet another scene from the film which made us say, 'Why was this deleted from the film?' Ranveer can be seen in a college canteen having food when two boys sit opposite them. They ask about Meow Meow, a drug. Ranveer and his friend are clueless. The other guys then make a stereotypical comment about it since they are from Dharavi, they must be using such substance. Ranveer shuts them down with a quirky remark. Jonty Rhodes Says Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt Starrer ‘Gully Boy’ Gave Him ‘Goosebumps’

Ranveer's friend even says do they think they are Gardulle. When googled, it said that Gardulle means people who are drug addicts or look like one. So clearly, in the film since they are from Dharavi, people assumed they must be into substance abuse.

This is quite telling because it bares the mindsets of many who look down upon Dharavi as it houses the world's largest slum. That makes Murad's story even more remarkable because he not only battles his own demons but of the world's as well who see everyone with the same tinted lens.