London Confidential Movie Review: Even before the pandemic is over, Bollywood already has a movie about a world free of Coronavirus. Oh, wait! China is already ready with another virus, this time to specifically target India. So goodbye, Corona, hello, Bore-ho-na! Thankfully, the plans to do unleash the pandemic have already been intercepted by the Indian Intelligence Bureau, that too in London. This, in a nutty nutshell, is the premise of Kanwal Sethi's London Confidential, the new film that is streaming on Zee5, starring Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli. London Confidential: Mouni Roy Says Her Upcoming Film Is in Sync with the Realities of the Present World.

Scripted by the popular author and journalist S Hussain Zaidi, London Confidential begins with the kidnapping of a RAW agent by MSS, a Chinese intelligence agency. The kidnapping brings a red alert to the Indian Intelligence bureau in London, who tasks the missing agent's boss Uma (Mouni Roy) to find out what China is upto, and why they kidnapped him. Apparently, the kidnapped agent, who is later killed, has found a source in the Chinese delegation that is due to arrive in London in six days, who can throw more light on the country's pandemic plans. Pakistan can heave a sigh of relief for a change, they aren't the enemy no 1 for Bollywood right now!

Uma also doubts they have a mole amidst them who is leaking intel to their enemy. With the blessings of the Indian ambassador Nirupama (Kulraj Randhawa), Uma, along with her trusted associates, one of them being Arjun (Purab Kohli), tries to find out who the traitor is, before their enemies kill their unknown source.

I am really surprised that the nationalists havent started promoting London Confidential yet, considering the brittle relationship we have with China right now. Either, it will happen in some days, or that they realise that the film isn't good enough. Latter shouldn't really be the case. Not that London Confidential turns out to be a smart thriller or anything, but we have been supporting any silly material to push propaganda these days. Just hear what Kangana keeps saying in her interviews!

London Confidential's one huge advantage is that it is mercifully short, and therefore, doesn't lose focus from its premise much. It is pretty fast-paced and decent enough if you don't use your brains and pick out the (plentiful) loopholes and convenience tropes in the plot.

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But if you do use your brains, you will have to question many things about the film. Like why the need to keep Mouni's character pregnant? It adds nothing to how she behaves, save for the fact that she is seen vomiting in a scene. Or, for being a smart officer, she sits on the biggest clue she has in hand till the last moment, by when more deaths happen, or that she doesn't sweep her office for bugs. Despite, knowing that there is an infiltrator in her own ground. London Confidential Trailer: Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli's Zee5 Film Sends Them On a Trail to Discover Link Between Pandemic and China.

For a movie that fashions itself as a spy thriller, we have our RAW agents act more like the neighborhood PI's. Their spy-work includes following targets at very discernible close range, or peeping into conveniently open bedroom windows. A dangerous Chinese agent, who is a Tai Chi expert, is easily neutralised with not much of a fight. Reminded me of that awful moment in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, when Deepika Padukone subdues Tony Jaa merely at gunpoint. As for the Chinese villains, none of them bring any kind of personality, except that they look and speak Chinese.

Also, for a film that is sold on the idea of another pandemic being used as a bio-weapon, that aspect plays very little in London Confidential. It is only mentioned at the start of the movie, and towards the end. With COVID-19 still raging across the world, this, more or less, looks a cheap ploy to cash in on the sentiment and the various Chinese conspiracies.

The big villain reveal is easily guessable, and the way the scene is shot feels so... errr... Abbas-Mustan! Considering how Mouni Roy's character always dresses in white, maybe London Confidential is a tribute to the director duo of pulpy thrillers, who knows!

At least, Mouni Roy (despite the many layers of makeup) is compelling as the lead. Purab Kohli is another strong reason to watch the movie; even in a thinly-written character, the actor's dynamism makes him watchable. Also, why are we not talking about the fact of how Mohan Kapur is the busiest actor during the lockdown!


- Mouni and Purab

- Short and Well-Paced, With Slick Cinematography


- Average Execution

- Contrived Screenplay

Final Thoughts

London Confidential is aimed to entertain the conspiracy theorists, among us, with its short runtime being an added advantage. Those looking for a smart thriller, though, can seek their thrills elsewhere. London Confidential is streaming on Zee5.


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