Pran was one actor who was quite happy to play the bad man. In fact, he hugely preferred it over romantic roles because he never appreciated singing and dancing in movies. In interviews, he would proudly recollect how people never named their kids Pran. That's how you become a legend, the conviction and love for what you have done in life. This faith in his craft and what he likes paved the way for supreme stardom for him. But in those days, movies were never considered to be a great profession to be in which made even the dreaded Pran hide things from his father. Pran Birth Anniversary Special: Did You Know the Zanjeer Actor's First Villain Role Wasn't in a Hindi Movie?.

In an interview with Rediff, Pinky Bhalla, Pran saab's daughter, revealed, "When my father signed his first film, Yamla Jat (1940), he did not tell his father he was acting in a film because his father would not approve. My grandfather was a civil engineer. When an article appeared in the newspaper about the upcoming film and mentioned my father's name, he told his sisters to hide the paper from their father!" Pran Birth Anniversary: 5 Hit Songs of The Actor Who Never Liked Singing Songs In Movies.

But by the time the movie was released, Pran saab's father warmed up to the fact of him acting in films. We are super glad that his father finally accepted his son's profession or we would have missed out on a class performer. For us though, Pran will always be that steadfast foe-turned-friend of Amitabh Bachchan in Zanjeer.

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