Preity G Zinta on Testifying Against Underworld: A Policeman Asked Me to Not Get Involved
Preity Zinta (Pic Credit: Mid-Day)

Preity G Zinta is a braveheart. She testified against the underworld when she received threatening calls for extortion. While many others like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan retracted their initial statements, Preity stuck to her original stance in the court. At a recent summit, the actress recalled the 2003 ordeal and revealed how she maintained her calm. She said, "For the record, if I knew that everyone was going to back out, I also would have. It was a scary time in my life." Preity Zinta Molestation: Case Against Ness Wadia Quashed By Bombay High Court!

Preity further added that there was constant threat to her life. LK Advani, then Deputy Prime Minister of India, called her up. "Because I refused police protection," she said, adding, "because when I was going in to give my statement, one police guy only came to me and said "Don't get involved. You are a pretty girl. What will you do if they throw acid on your face?". It kind of stunned me".

But on Advani's advise Preity eventually agreed to have police protection. She also requested her brother, who was an army official posted in Siachen, to be appointed to her, but the request was denied.

Preity, hilariously, revealed that the cops used to accompany her to movie sets and used to get screamed at the most by the director. "Because the poor cops would always stand in the middle of the frame. They were always standing on the wrong places," she chuckled.

Watch Video of Preity Zinta Talking About Receiving Threats From The Underworld

Preity also talked about how the gangsters threatened her on the phone. "I was fine till they were scaring me, but once they started abusing, I lost it. I can take stress, but not people abusing me. I learnt that if you get a call from +92, don't pick up! Luckily I was famous. Had I not been, it would've been tough." she said.