Director Roland Emmerich says he wants to honour the people who fought for freedom with his forthcoming war drama  Midway. "I'm thrilled that we had the opportunity to tell this story, because young people today don't always know the stories about those who fought for their freedom," Emmerich said. "I think that without the generation who fought in WWII, our world would be very different. Nick Jonas’ ‘Midway’ to Release in India in November

There was a lot of hardship and a lot of people died for it, but they died for a reason. There was a real fight against fascism going on in the world. Today we sometimes forget about these things, but movies can serve as a vivid monument to them. We wanted to honour that fight and those who gave so much," added the director, popular for Godzilla, Independence Day, 2012 and White House Down. Midway Teaser Trailer: Roland Emmerich’s War Movie Based on the Pearl Harbour Attack Is Jaw-Dropping – Watch Video.

Written by West Tooke, Midway is about the US soldiers and pilots who changed the course of World War II during the Battle of Midway in June 1942. The film stars Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore, Patrick Wilson, Aaron Eckhart and Nick Jonas. PVR Pictures will release the film in India on November 8.

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