Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan recently made headlines for his interview with journalist Richard Quest at the World Government Summit in Dubai. In the 15-minute conversation, Shah Rukh Khan opened up a number of things about wanting to play the role of James Bond, delivering massive hits in 2023 after a series of flops. The actor also jokingly shared when he would like to retire from acting. The Superstar's wit and aura left Richard Quest and the audience at the World Government Summit 2024 held in Dubai. Shah Rukh Khan’s Unmatched Wit Shines at World Government Summit 2024; King Khan’s Discussion on His ‘Two-Hour Bath Ritual’ Leaves Audience in Splits (Watch Video).

Shah Rukh Khan on Playing James Bond

Shah Rukh Khan started the conversation by introducing himself as James Bond, repeating the iconic dialogue. Later, when asked if he would like to play James Bond, Shah Rukh Khan said, "I really wanted to, but I think I am too short." Later, the actor says, "Yes, I am brown enough to play Bond baddie."

Watch Shah Rukh Khan’s Full Interview at the World Government Summit 2024 Here:

SRK on Delivering Massive Flops

Shah Rukh Khan also opened up with Richard Quest on his career and the series of flops he underwent before finally making a comeback in 2023 with 3 blockbusters Shah Rukh Khan said, "I had massive flops, and they did very, very badly. I was licking my wounds. But you know what I did? I learnt to make the best pizza in the world, I stopped listening to stories, I stopped wanting to tell stories, I made myself a little kitchen, and I started learning how to make pizzas."

SRK on Doing Hollywood Movies

Shah Rukh Khan replied to Richard Quest's Hollywood crossover question and said, I know many people from the American and English film industries, but nobody has offered me good work, and I wondered if I was spreading myself too thin. I was offered Slumdog Millionaire, but I felt that the role of the game show host was too mean."Concluding his response, Shah Rukh Khan joked, "And then nobody on a big stage like this could ask me why I haven't crossed over. That film should cross me over."

SRK on Not Understanding What the Audience Wanted From Him

Speaking about experimenting and doing films that the fans didn't watch him enjoy doing, Shah Rukh Khan said, "I used to go where there were thousands and lakhs of people waving at me, but I wouldn't hear or feel what they wanted to see out of me. So I went and did a film about a vertically challenged guy, I did a film about a maniac, psychopathic fan, but no, people just like to see me giving hope and happiness and love, so let's get back to that." Shah Rukh Khan to Speak at World Governments Summit 2024: Here's How You Can Watch His Speech Online at THIS Time (Watch Video).

SRK on Ending His Career

Shah Rukh Khan said that he hopes to make a massive film before retiring. Then he jokes, "Before I end my career, which is far from ending right now. I have a good 35 years to go", joked the Bollywood superstar.


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