Simi Garewal Calls out Twitter for Not Verifying Her Account but Giving a Blue Tick to Jay Shah
Simi Garewal, Jay Shah (Photo Credits: File Image)

Do you want to live on a planet where Twitter won't verify the account of a legend like Simi Garewal? Well, neither do we. But we have no choice unless Twitter decides to make a change. Simi took to her unverified account and called out Twitter for verifying the BBCI Secretary Jay Shah's handle when she was given the reason that "blue ticks are not being issued anymore". At the time of getting the blue tick, Jay only had 218 followers which have now increased to 8.6 thousand followers. Simi has 44 thousand followers. Simi Garewal Birthday Special: From Mera Naam Joker to Karz, Check Out the Bollywood Actress' Most Iconic Roles.

Simi retweeted a post about Jay getting a blue tick at a few followers. She quoted it, saying, "Lucky @JayShah to get a blue tick from @TwitterIndia @Twitter - when they keep telling me blue ticks are not being issued any more!" The cherry on the top was a 'disgusting face' emoji that Simi added.

Check Out Simi Garewal's Tweet Here:

We would love to see how Twitter would respond to the queries raised by Simi. A fan of the actress wrote, "@jack she is the best interviewer best Anchor of all time. She interviewed many legend personalities. She deserves that identification blue tick as she is the only one who did her work best of all."

While we are talking about Simi Garewal, can we please divert from the main topic of concern? And talk about her hit chat show, Rendezvous, please? Because someone needs to bring back Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. There has not been a chat show as elegant and graceful as this one on Indian TV. And honestly, Indian TV could definitely use some grace right now. As per reports, the show is indeed all set to make a comeback. Simi even revealed that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have promised to be the first guests on the show.