Sumeet Sachdev Recalls the Unfortunate Incident, Says No Financial Compensation Could Match Up to the Loss of a Baby
Sumeet Sachdev’s wife Amrita suffers miscarriage, files petition to seek justice

Actor Sumeet Sachdev and wife Amrita are still mourning the death of their unborn baby. The actor's wife suffered a miscarriage and he blames her employer for harassing her to an extent that she couldn’t take the stress anymore. The actor in his recent chat with Spotboye reveals the details about this horrific incident and what actually was the reason for it. When the actor was asked to reveal if her workplace was always so indifferent, he said, they had granted her paid leave initially and had even allowed her to work from home. However, she was suddenly summoned to report to work at her company's office in Goa and that's where it all started. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actor Sumeet Sachdev Files Petition Against His Wife’s Employer After She Suffers Miscarriage, Fans Come Out in Support.

It was only after she reached Goa that she realised her boss had an extramarital affair with one of her colleagues. When the lady in question threatened to end their relationship, he wanted Amrita to speak to her and ask her not to. Sumeet's wife then took a stand and asked him to sort his personal issues himself. Later, he confessed about the affair to his wife, who got very angry and blasted Amrita over the phone. She accused Amrita of keeping her in the dark about her husband’s extra-marital affair. Sadly, Amrita became the bad person in all of this. "I was in Mumbai, shooting when she called me, she was worried, and I asked her to distance herself from everything and not stress. But subconsciously it kept playing on her mind," said Sumeet.

This incident took a toll on her and she was immediately rushed to the hospital on her arrival at Mumbai. However, she soon realised, she couldn’t access her official mail id and all of a sudden, she was deleted from all WhatsApp groups. She got extremely disappointed. On the evening of Aug 15, her official number was disconnected. And all this happened without any information. When she asked her boss if this was a mistake or intentional, she received a termination letter from her company that acted as a final nail in the coffin. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fame Sumeet Sachdev’s Wife Amrita Suffers Miscarriage After Harassment by Employer – Read Details.

The couple is not looking for any financial compensation but they want to teach the real culprit a lesson. "What financial compensation could match up to the loss of a baby? He should be punished, so that he doesn’t repeat it again. And it has to be a severe punishment, as at the end of the day it’s murder in disguise," said a heartbroken Sumeet.

When asked how's she coping with this big shock, he said, "She is better trying to be strong. She is going through the toughest time of her life.  We buried our baby boy. It was a very emotional moment. Amrita made a very nice cradle, we put a blue scarf on his head. We put in chocolates in the cradle and we also put in a letter. We also made a family tree and put it alongside." It was Amrita's decision to start this petition since the matter is too grave for them. The couple is glad to receive so much support from their well-wishers and media platforms. They have also mailed the Chief Minister and the petition has been addressed to him.