The Journey of Karma Song Sugar Biscuit: Shakti Kapoor Making Out With A Barely Clad Poonam Pandey is The Cringiest Video You Will See Today!
The Journey of Karma Song Sugar Biscuit

During the trailer launch of The Journey of Karma, Shakti Kapoor was asked about his reaction on the whole Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar incident that happened 10 years back. To which, he replied that he was a 'kid' back then. After seeing that awfully cringe-y trailer for the film, and its latest song, Sugar Biscuit, we don't know what's more annoying - Shakti's silly statement on the controversy or him making out with a barely clad Poonam Pandey. The Journey of Karma Trailer: Poonam Pandey’s Sleazy Scenes With Shakti Kapoor Will Leave You Shocked – Watch Video.

The video of Sugar Biscuit is everything that you expect from a video featuring Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor, basically, cringe. So Poonam starts undressing the moment she arrives in front of the camera and takes evocative poses with the sole intention to titillate the target audience of the movie - the front benchers. Meanwhile, Shakti Kapoor does what he used to do right from the '80s - watches her with lustful eyes and then join her in bed. We are not saying anything more; you can see the rest below. In case you are wondering what Sugar Biscuit, we believe that Poonam Pandey is referring to Shakti Kapoor. Ewwww! Tanushree-Patekar Row: I Was Kid Back Then, Mocks Shakti Kapoor.

Watch the video of the song Sugar Biscuit from the film The Journey of Karma -

In case you are interested in knowing the technicalities of the song, Sugar Biscuit is composed by Danish Alfaaz and Shatak Sharma, while Danish has himself sung the track with Lyla Sharma.

Maybe it's not in our place, but we still wonder what Shraddha and Siddhant Kapoor, both established actors in Bollywood, would think about seeing their father make out in such a sleazy manner with a girl more than half his age.