Today Twitter is abuzz with Vikas Dubey's encounter. They are busy deciphering whether or not the move was fake or if he did try to escape. Enroute to Kanpur from MP, one of the cars in the Police convoy overturned on the highway. The car had Dubey in it. "The car overturned and policemen and the accused were injured. Then Vikas Dubey grabbed a gun from an injured policeman and ran. The police team caught up and surrounded him and tried to get him to surrender, but he refused and started firing. The police had to fire back in self-defense," The Kanpur Police statement read, as reported by NDTV. The turn of events is making many on Twitter start a Rohit Shetty meme fest and what happens in Singham ReturnsVikas Dubey Encounter: Taapsee Pannu Says ‘We Did Not Expect This At All’ And Vishal Dadlani Feels ‘We Are Living In A B-Grade Film’

Twitterati is having a field day conjuring up memes after memes about the director. The encounter in the climax of Singham Returns is also making its way to the internet.

Rohit Shetty's new duties!

This person knows all about how the director is feeling...

That's funny!

So many feels!

Permission leni chahiye thi na?

Ye achi baat nahi hai!!!

We wonder if Rohit Shetty took a look at Twitter today and saw his name trending. If he reacts like Kartik Aaryan, he can just read this article!

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