Bad Boys Ride or Die Movie Review: It has been 29 years since Bad Boys came out in 1995, but detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) have no plans to retire and lead civilian lives. Marcus, however, should be put into retirement as soon as possible—in Ride or Die, he is more of a danger to himself and his partner than to the baddies. As for Mike, he is like a Bollywood male lead, with his romantic interests getting younger with each movie. Still, for what it's worth, I am glad they haven't retired, as Bad Boys: Ride or Die shows the franchise still has some fuel to zoom ahead in slick style, despite the predictable plot that nearly derails the film. Bad Boys – Ride or Die: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Film Hits Indian Theatres on June 7!

After going through various lovers, including his present boss Rita (Paola Núñez), Mike has finally decided to settle down with his former therapist, Christine (Melanie Liburd). At their wedding, Marcus suffers a cardiac arrest but miraculously pulls through. Marcus starts believing he is invincible since his time hasn’t come yet.

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Meanwhile, their former captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) has been posthumously accused of mob connections and money laundering. Mike and Marcus know the dead captain is being framed, and conveniently for them, he has left a couple of video messages revealing corruption within the department linked to a cartel. Since a cartel is involved, Mike and Marcus have to enlist the help of Mike's imprisoned son Armando (Jacob Scipio).

Bad Boys Ride or Die Movie Review - Slick Action

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is directed by Adil & Bilall, who also helmed its hit predecessor Bad Boys for Life. The director duo was praised for their slick direction, especially in the action scenes. This sequel brings a similar approach to the action scenes that would make the original director Michael Bay (who makes a brief cameo here) proud. Snazzy cuts—though some render shots ineffectual due to timing—drone shots, and some innovative hand-held camerawork make the fight scenes fun. There is even a scene where a drone camera follows other drones around a room where everyone is shooting each other.

A Still From Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Interestingly, apart from the pulpy climax action set in an abandoned gator park, the two best fight scenes don’t even involve the lead stars. One—a short scene—happens on prison grounds, and the other in Marcus' house.

Bad Boys Ride or Die Movie Review - Martin Lawrence Steals the Show

The movie also strikes hot when it comes to comedy. Yes, occasionally, like with the Marvel movies, the humour is awkwardly placed within an action scene—such as during a shootout in an art gallery where Marcus takes time to indulge in sweet cravings. Otherwise, the fun banter between Marcus and Mike left me chuckling, particularly Marcus' one-liners.

A Still From Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Martin Lawrence is quite the hoot, easily stealing the film from Will Smith, which should say something. But Bad Boys: Ride or Die does not always allow Smith to shine; Mike encounters a frequent problem that forces him to hold back in the shootout scenes. Even without this character issue, which otherwise felt like a mature addition, Will Smith seemed a little stiff in some portions. Bad Boys for Life Movie Review: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Entertaining Bromance Fuels Their Best Buddy Cop Ride in the Saga.

Bad Boys Ride or Die Movie Review - The Generic Plot

However, more than Smith going through the motions, it is the writing that lets Bad Boys: Ride or Die down, especially in the second half. The plot becomes predictable and even boring as a result; the twists aren't as shocking as the makers intended, particularly the villain reveal (the casting didn’t help here).

A Still From Bad Boys: Ride or Die

The main antagonist, played by Eric Dane, is quite forgettable. The third act sees a female character being kidnapped and the heroes out to save her, a trope that is not only clichéd but is doubled up by having another female character in the same situation in a very forced manner. Perhaps this was done to give the amazing Rhea Seehorn, who is quite wasted here, something to do in the finale. And to give a character their moment of predictable redemption.

For those who liked the previous Bad Boys movie, Vanessa Hudgens and Alexander Ludwig also return. Their presence in the film might be more due to their roles in the last movie, though, to be honest, I had forgotten about what the actors were up to in Bad Boys for Life.

Final Thoughts on Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys: Ride or Die manages to deliver the signature action and humour that fans of the franchise expect. The dynamic between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence remains entertaining, with Lawrence particularly shining in his role. While the writing falters in the latter half, the film's stylish direction and engaging fight scenes keep it afloat.


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