Deadpool is back, baby, and he is going to change Marvel Cinematic Universe forever! For good, bad or worse, only Time, or perhaps Time Variance Authority, can tell. The first teaser of Deadpool 3, retitled Deadpool & Wolverine, was dropped during Super Bowl 2024 and, as expected, has sent Marvel fans into a frenzy. The previous Deadpool movies, made by 20th Century Fox, were set in the X-Men Universe. After the studio's buyout by Marvel, the X-Men characters have now been folded into the MCU, making this Wade Wilson's first appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe. And he is making sure that you will never forget it going by that teaser. Also, going by that title, he is not alone. Deadpool & Wolverine Teaser: Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson is About to Be 'Marvel Jesus' With Hugh Jackman's Logan for Company! (Watch Video).

While Ryan Reynolds' Merc With a Mouth is the star of the entire teaser (as he has now branded himself 'Marvel Jesus'), the other superhero of the title - Wolverine - is merely teased through the back profile or out of focus (in the Super Bowl spot) or as a shadow. Hugh Jackman returns as Logan back from the dead, and as the plot goes, these two mutants go on some multiversal trip that also sees them attacking each other. Deadpool & Wolverine also marks MCU's first R-rated film, and the trailer makes sure you know about it since Wade now introduces 'pegging' to Disney!

While the trailer confirms some of the Deadpool movie characters like Morena Baccarin's Vanessa, Karan Soni's Dopinder, Rob Delaney's Peter, Leslie Uggams' Blind Al, Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Stefan Kapičić's Colossus and Shioli Kutsuna's Yukio are returning, there are some surprise entries too. Like, the TVA is back from the Loki series, but this time, it is headed by Matthew Macfayden's character, making us wonder what happened to the others.

ICYMI, Here's the Teaser of Deadpool & Wolverine:

There are a couple of surprise returnees, too, which we will discuss ahead, as there are some important Easter Eggs dropped in the teaser that might not have been noticed and may also confirm some of the 'plot leaks' that were circulating around. Thanks to some eagle-eyed fans on X, we have them here:

'Secret Wars'

In one frame of the teaser, Deadpool is lying on the ground (presumably after being attacked by Wolverine), and at some distance from him, we see a comic book cover, which happens to be that of Secret Wars.

If rumours are true, then Deadpool & Wolverine is definitely going to cause a multiversal chaos that might lead to the events of Avengers: Secret Wars. So, will fans finally get that moment where they will see Jackman's Logan, RDJ's Iron Man, and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man in one frame?

Return of Pyro

It is hard not to notice Aaron Stanford in the teaser, but it is the character he plays that is of a bigger significance to all X-Men and Marvel fans. In the original X-Men trilogy, he played Pyro, the mutant who was once friends with Iceman and Rogue but later joined Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants and fought his old friends.

If Pyro and Wolverine are back, it also confirms some of the other X-Men characters would be returning, mostly from the OG X-Men trilogy. Leaked set pics have also revealed Sabretooth and Toad are returning, so who else is coming back?


It is a known secret that Matthew Macfayden is playing Paradox in the film, and while the teaser gives him quite the prominence, showing him in an important position in TVA, it doesn't name him. Unless you keep the close captions option on YouTube, and there you have it...


For the unaware, Paradox, Agent Mobius and Ouroboros "OB" are all variations of the same character Mobius M Mobius, with the latter two appearing in the Loki series. Loki S2 Ending Explained: Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief Finally Gets His Throne and What It Means for TVA, MCU and Multiverse.


Looks like Peter was not the only X-Force team member that Deadpool saved at the end of Deadpool 2. During the birthday celebration scene of Wade Wilson, Shatterstar, played by Lewis Tan, is seen alongside Dopinder and Colossus.

So if Shatterstar is alive, does it mean Deadpool also saved other members of the X-Force, and since he is invisible, is Brad Pitt's Vanisher also at that party? Also, considering Shatterstar was pansexual in the comics, is he now dating Dopinder? BTW, where are Firefist, Domino and Cable?

Wolverine is Patch?

The first shot of Wolverine in the teaser is him facing his back to the camera, sitting in some gambling den. What's most noticeable is he wearing a white suit, which is prompting fans to deduce Wolverine will also be seen as his alter-ego, Patch.

For the unaware, during a brief run in the comics, Logan went undercover for some time, where he donned a white suit and an eye patch and was referred to as Patch. We wonder if this is one of the few variations of Wolverine we will see in the film.

Deadpool is Team Cap!

When TVA brings in Deadpool, Paradox shows him the opportunity to be the hero among heroes through footage of the original Avengers from the earlier movies, which includes Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America.

But for what is a blink-n-miss moment, Wade is seen saluting Chris Evan's Steve Rogers, confirming that, like in comics, Deadpool is also a fan of Captain America in the MCU.

Alioth Returns?

At one point in the teaser, Wade sees one of the TVA agents being attacked and perhaps swallowed by an unseen beast.

For all guesses, that looks like He Who Remains' smoke monster, Alioth, who destroys all pruned variants, and the place looks to be Void from the Loki series.

Cassandra Nova

Another blink-n-miss scene gives us the first glimpse of Emma Corrin's character, rumoured to be Cassandra Nova.

Cassandra Nova, in the comics, is an X-Men villain and is rumoured to be the main antagonist of Deadpool & Wolverine.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Meets Deadpool

One scene in the teaser feels very familiar, and fans believe that location is the opening location of the 2015 film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Interestingly, footage of this scene is also shown to Wade at TVA, making us wonder why they need to go there. Also Deadpool seems to recreate the opening act of his first film there as well.

ICYMI, here's the opening scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Did you spot any other Easter Eggs in the teaser? Share your observations in the comments section below.

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