Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson is well known for his beefy roles and action hero characters, which see the star escape near impossible disasters and go into combat. Yet the actor doesn't just land all his action heroes by pure luck, the star reportedly also has a 'no lose' contract added into all his movie roles that means the actor is never beaten, reports Mirror.co.uk. The actor, who has starred in various films including as Agent Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious franchise, reportedly has legal terms and conditions that limit how 'badly' he can be beaten up and ensure that he always comes out on top. Dwayne Johnson on His Depression Battle: Luckily at That Time I Had Some Friends Who I Could Lean On.

As per Mirror.co.uk, he follows in the footsteps of other action hero actors including Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, who also keep a tight leash on how many punches they sustain and how their fight scenes are played out on screen. According to the Wall Street Journal, Johnson took heed from Vin Diesel who reportedly developed a system where he assigned a numerical value to each punch he received while on screen and kept track of how many punches he had taken whilst filming.

The Wall Street Journal reported, "According to producers and crew members on the films, Mr Statham, 51 years old, negotiated an agreement with the studio that limits how badly he can be beaten up on screen. Mr Johnson, 47, enlists producers, editors and fight coordinators to help make sure he always gives as good as he gets." 'Welcome Home' John Cena Greets Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson After the Latter Makes A Comeback in WWE After Four Years (See Post).

Johnson also took the contract to the next level for Fast and Furious, as he allegedly had the script changed to ensure that after one on screen brawl he was left sitting up instead of lying down and seemingly less hurt.

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