Hit Man Movie Review: Richard Linklater's new film, Hit Man, is about a 'hit man' who isn't really a hit man. Inspired by a real person, it tells the story of Gary Johnson (Glen Powell), a college teacher who also helps the local police department with undercover sting operations. His team's job is to catch those who hire hitmen to kill someone. When Jasper (Austin Amelio), the cop who usually acts as the 'hit man,' is taken off duty after a scandal, Gary is sent in as his replacement for an operation. Hit Man Teaser: Glen Powell Unleashes Charm and Deception in Richard Linklater’s Netflix Film. 

Thanks to his knowledge of human psychology and experience on the team, Gary excels in his new role, displaying confidence and attitude as 'Ron', the hitman that his real self never had. Gary finds success in his new job and begins tailoring 'Ron' to meet the demands of his prospective clients, furthering his understanding of the human psyche.

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It is then that 'Ron' meets his new target - Maddy (Adria Arjona), a woman in an abusive marriage who wants 'Ron' to kill her husband. They feel an instant attraction to each other, and he convinces her to abandon the idea of murder and seek a way out of the marriage instead. It doesn't take long for 'Ron' to start a relationship with Maddy, but things become complicated when the romance blurs the lines between his real and fabricated personas.

Hit Man Movie Review - Funny Yet Smart

Hit Man, written by Linklater and Powell, is a comedy, but it also morphs into a sexy noir and a love story, incorporating elements of psychological drama. The prevalent theme in the film, explained through Gary's classroom lectures, is whether one can shed an identity they have created over the years in response to a new situation and begin to live with it. Gary, who is great at both his jobs but mocked for his nerdiness by his students and colleagues, discovers that the confidence he exudes as 'Ron' is magnetic to others. In a later scene, a student even comments on how attractive their lecturer has become while he explains how killings as punishment are ingrained in our DNA.

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This adaptation of personas isn't a new theme. In Bollywood, films like Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha and Aditya Chopra's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi feature protagonists inventing new personas to deal with personal crises, distinct from their real selves. However, Hit Man presents this switcheroo through humorous instances as Gary makes 'Ron' his project, offering a psychological lesson.

Hit Man Movie Review - Enjoyable Performances

Glen Powell, who is increasingly taking up the space that Tom Cruise occupied in his 30s and 40s before being restricted by Mission Impossible movies and the occasional legacy sequel, is charming in the role, and it's easy to see why he is heralded as the next big thing in Hollywood.

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When Adria Arjona appears on screen, it's hard not to be captivated by her allure. The film takes a sexy turn, though not boundary-pushing, as 'Ron' and Maddy engage in a steamy affair. Here, Hit Man introduces a noir element as Maddy shifts from an abuse victim to a confident femme fatale, leaving us guessing whether she is adapting to her new situation like Gary or simply shedding a persona to reveal her true self. It's a wonderful, shifty performance by the actress, who nearly stole Powell's show. It also expectedly brings enough complications into Gary's double life, particularly when he finds himself getting close to being trapped in a murder case. Anyone But You Movie Review: Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's Raunchy Romcom Sizzles, Then Fizzles!

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Some plot elements felt a little predictable, such as a jealous co-worker trying to entrap Gary, but the marriage of black comedy and noir leads to a twisty climax that caps this 'love story' in a deliciously dark manner.

Hit Man Movie Review - Final Thoughts

Hit Man is smart, funny, and sexy. Richard Linklater and Glen Powell's script provides sharp, humorous insights into the fluidity of identity, while Powell and Adria Arjona's performances are too good, aided by their steamy onscreen chemistry. Hit Man is streaming on Netflix.


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