Hotel Transylvania Transformania Movie Review: Sony’s animation studio is quite a mixed bag at times. Sometimes they push the limitations of animation by coming out with films like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and The Mitchell vs the Machines, and then sometimes, they completely drop the ball with films like The Emoji Movie. But then at times they just release something extremely okay and just run with it. The Hotel Transylvania franchise falls under that category. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania New Trailer Out! Selena Gomez' Animated Movie Confirmed to Release on Amazon Prime Video on January 14 (Watch Video).

Now four films down, Hotel Transylvania seems to be going as okay as ever. It’s a proven formula that puts butts in the seats and will keep you entertained at best. With Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, we see Dracula decide to retire and give away the hotel to his daughter and her husband. Getting cold feet at the last moment that his son-in-law might ruin the hotel, he tells him that only a monster can own the hotel. This makes Johnny turn himself into a monster and a bunch of complications arise.

The animation I thought was great over here. I think Sony Pictures Animation does one thing really well is creating some great looking characters and backgrounds that really charm up their films. That is one thing they are consistently great at. Overall, stellar work was done here in regards to the animation.

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The premise is also something that I found enjoyable. The fact that some monsters turn into humans too, makes for an interesting concept to be explored, only that the exploration is shallow at its best. The majority of the film is centered on Dracula and Johnny’s relationship. With Dracula being a human and Johnny being a monster, I thought there could have been more to play with over here, but alas the runtime doesn’t allow for that. It just again comes off being rushed and nothing more than being uninspired with an idea that could have lent itself to more.

Adam Sandler also stepped down from voicing Dracula this time around and was replaced by Brian Hull. But I think Hull did great and fit the tone of the character overall. So not much difference there, but talking more about Dracula, him and Johnny were two of the most annoying characters here in the film. Hotel Transylvania 3 - Summer Vacation Movie Review: The Kids Deserve Better Than This Unfunny Adam Sandler Animated Comedy.

They both are extremely energetic and loud in a way, so just putting them together is basically a recipe for a headache that no aspirin can fix. There were times during the movie where I genuinely was waiting for them to tune it down a notch and just have a quiet moment. That moment did come, but even that felt mildly infuriating with just how much they kept talking.

But while the scenes between Johnny and Dracula were loud, I thought the other scenes with the side characters were a blast. There was some great comedy over here that I genuinely laughed at. I think the scenes between all the side characters were a riot and I weirdly wouldn’t mind watching a spin-off with them. The chemistry between them was some of the best in the movie and if there are more Hotel Transylvania films, I hope they capitalise on them.


The Animation

Few Jokes

Side Characters


Annoying Main Characters

Uninspired Plot

Unnecessarily Loud

Final Thoughts

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is another okayish movie in the franchise that continues to be popular among the kids. While the plot is uninspired, it still manages to be enjoyable in some instances. At the best, it will keep your kids occupied, at the worst, it will leave you with a headache. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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