I Want You Back Movie Review: We have had films explore concepts of breakup and finding true love in the end. 500 Days of Summer or Friends With Benefits really did a great job of exploring this concept. So usually you will find rom coms that just miss the mark with it. I Want You Back is one of the better studio romcoms we have gotten in a quick send that has a sense of familiarity, but still surprises you in many ways. Death on the Nile Movie Review: Gal Gadot, Ali Fazal’s Whodunit is Charmless With Occasional Bursts of Excitement! (LatestLY Exclusive).

I Want You Back stars Charlie Day and Jenny Slate who play the roles of Peter and Emma respectively. Peter and Emma are two individuals who get broken up with at the same time. Working in the same building, they find each other grieving which starts off their friendship. Discovering that their exes have moved on with other people, Peter and Emma decide to break them off and get back together with them.

With I Want You Back I was quite afraid, mostly with how it started. It starts off eerily similar to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ Friends With Benefits. The film opens up with both their characters being broken up with at the same time and the same thing happens with I Want You Back.

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Luckily, the film does pack in a lot of surprises that stops it from being a clichéd mess. Starting off with Charlie Day and Jenny Slate, both the actors showcase amazing chemistry that keeps this story afloat. They both play off very well from each other and it makes for some really interesting and funny scenes.

Not to mention that their plan of getting back with their exes sure seems self-destructive, but within that self-destructiveness there is actual character growth. The entire thing could have become a very frustrating watch, but thankfully good character work and an understanding of the story saves it.

The story also makes for some great twists and turns. There is this one specific plot point that’s set up at the beginning of the story, and seeing that paid off at the end just made everything incredibly rewarding. The story is quite fun and I think the strongest part of I Want You Back, although it can drag on a bit at the end.

I Want You Back does eventually end up overstaying its welcome. Some scenes go on for far too long or conflicts that could have been resolved easily take a while in happening. It just leaves some of the later parts of the film frustrating to watch.

Scott Eastwood also is one of the weaker actors in the movie. Watching him was like telling a brick to act. Where he has to show expressions, he just falters. It ultimately makes his performance seem charmless and grey. Scream 5 Movie Review: Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox’s Fourth Sequel is a Stab-Happy Return to Form With Some Flaws! (LatestLY Exclusive).


Charlie Day and Jenny Slate

The Story


Plot Drags On

Scott Eastwood

Final Thoughts

I Want You Back is a perfectly enjoyable film that delivers a product that’s sweet and charming. One of the big surprises of the year for me, if you want to spend your weekday break watching something heartwarming, then I Want You Back is for you. I Want You Back is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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