If there was a Saturday Night Live member who is among the most versatile, you can count ‘Chameleon’ Kate McKinnon as one. She is hilarious, energetic, and lively who joined SNL in 2012 and played literally everyone from political figures to pop culture icons in her sketch-comedy episodes. McKinnon’s comedy timing and quirky sense of humour made her a reliable performer and she is spot on, winning ! Kate McKinnon Birthday Special: 10 Motivational Quotes by the Actress That Can Boost Your Confidence Instantly.

On her 39th Birthday we picked five of her hilarious SNL impressions which you can’t afford to miss.


McKinnon’s Shakira only appeared in three sketches, but the impression is a memorable one. Mimicking Shakira’s distinctive voice and thick Colombian accent, McKinnon made that particular episode hilarious and outstanding without offending anyone.

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Hilary Clinton

Ah yes, there's been two iconic impressions of Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live — Amy Poehler's and McKinnon's. During the election season in 2016, we witnessed McKinnon bring a lighter touch to the seriousness of politics. It was notoriously amazing.

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Justin Bieber

McKinnon has portrayed Justin Bieber a few times, but her spoof of the singer's sultry Calvin Klein ad is by far one of her funniest bits on the show. If you missed it somehow than we suggest to watch it ASAP.

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Penelope Cruz

Here, Sofia Vergara and 'Penelope Cruz' (McKinnon) do a Pantene shampoo commercial, except Cruz is a little hard to understand when she starts dropping chemical names like "ammonium laureth sulfate." We can promise you that, it would be impossible to keep a straight face and watch this video. The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie Review: Kate McKinnon Steals the Show in This Engaging Action-Comedy.

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Ellen DeGeneres

You'll immediately recognise Ellen DeGeneres' Southern accent and dance-it-out energy in Kate McKinnon's SNL show. DeGeneres once said to McKinnon about her SNL impression, “It’s weird to have somebody do impressions of you because when you hear it you’re like, ‘Well, that’s such an exaggeration. I mean it’s funny, but it doesn’t sound like me at all. ” It wasn't long before McKinnon showed up in character to prove just how accurate she was.

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After a decade spent playing different characters, Kate McKinnon said goodbye to the late-night show in 2022.  McKinnon has created a legacy of sketches and characters that made us her lifelong fans. We wish the mimicking queen a very Happy Birthday.

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