The popular internet rapper Lil Tay (real name Claire Hope), who is known for the track “Sucker 4Green” has claimed that her father, Christopher Hope, wanted to sabotage her career with the very recent death hoax incident. On his part, the social media influencer’s father has completely denied the allegations, calling them false. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tay said that the death hoax was used by her estranged father “as a last resort to sabotage me,” according to People magazine. Rapper Lil Tay Dead at 14: Know Everything About Influencer and YouTuber Lil Tay Who Unexpectedly Died Along With Her Brother.

Along with her father, Lil Tay, and her mother, Angela Tian, she also claimed Harry Tsang, an influencer who has been referred to as Lil Tay's former manager, teamed up with Christopher to spread news of the death hoax. The social media influencer called this an ingenious way to boost exposure for a cryptocurrency coin that "exploited" her, while denying Tsang ever formally represented her.

She added, "Somebody has a strategy that a good way to get publicity is to make accusations against me. They’re all false.” Tsang, on his part, called the cryptocurrency strategy “part of a plan to bring Tay back into the spotlight”. However, he has denied any involvement in the death hoax and has instead pointed fingers at Lil Tay's brother, Jason Tian. Lil Tay and Elder Brother Jason Tian Die at Ages 14 and 21, Family Shares Tragic News on Rapper’s Social Media Page.

“He is known to do something crazy,” Tsang said of Jason. “Ask anyone in the social media space.” Jason, however, shifted the blame back to Tsang. “He went to every publication possible to allege I hacked Tay’s page to fake her death while also peddling the fraudulent Lil Tay crypto coin,” he said in a statement.

Lil Tay also went on to address how the death hoax inconvenienced her and really did have a bad impact on her social media career as a rapper and influencer. “I really wanted to get things going,” she told the publication, referring to her music career. “And this was just something that came out of absolutely nowhere. And I had to clean up.” “I had some songs that I wanted to put out after winning my freedom. And, thankfully, I did. So I was looking to get back on track as soon as I could. And then the death thing happens," she added.

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