While the cast of Mad Max: Fury Road are busy discussing their on-set feud these days, here comes an update on the next outing in the film's universe. The makers are now planning a prequel in the Mad Max universe and it will revolve around Furiosa's character. While co-writer Nick Lathouris developed backstories for every character in Fury Road script, Furiosa's past was a bit unexplored and makers think now is the right time to narrate her origin story. The Old Guard: Charlize Theron's Immortal Vigilante Looks Badass and Ready to Fight For the Innocent in the First Look Images (See Pics).

Director George Miller in his recent interaction with The New York Times revealed that he's indeed working on a prequel and that a hunt for an actress in her 20s is still on. Speaking about if he considered having Theron in the prequel, Miller clarified that he thought of using de-aging technology for the actress, 44, but dropped the idea eventually.

"For the longest time, I thought we could just use CG de-aging on Charlize, but I don’t think we’re nearly there yet. Despite the valiant attempts on ‘The Irishman,’ I think there’s still an uncanny valley," Miller said. Oscars 2020: Academy Cut the Mic During Parasite's Best Picture Acceptance Speech But Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron Shout 'Up Up' to Get it Back On! 

Miller has directed all four Mad Max movies and has plans to carry forward the universe. The director is currently working on Three Thousand Years of Longing with Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton and work on the prequel will begin only after he finishes his ongoing project.

Meanwhile, all disappointed Theron fans, please start suggesting if you have some names in your mind who can play the younger Furiosa.

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